Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Great Gift Ideas For Photographers

These days, photography is more popular than ever. With the rise of Instagram and social media in general, countless people are trying their hand at this hobby. I’m sure you know a particularly passionate photographer. Whether it’s your husband or a friend, when it comes round to an occasion, you might feel a little stuck for gift ideas. Here, I’ve collected a few suggestions which could help.

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First off; vouchers. Yes, I know this is a famously unimaginative present. However, if you get vouchers from a photo printing business like White Wall, the photography nut in your life will be overjoyed! In my experience, photographers are free, sometimes disorganised souls. This can mean that they often mean to print certain shots, but never get round to it. When there’s a voucher lying around, they’ll have a constant reminder to get their digital shots made into high-quality prints. Before spending anything on this kind of voucher, find out if your photographer has a preferred online lab. If they’ve been into photography for a long time, they might be a little fussy about quality!
If you’re a little strapped for cash, there are many affordable things you can buy for your photographer. When you’re looking for gifts, there’s usually a celebration to look forward to. In most circles, “celebration” is almost synonymous with “too many drinks”. Why not give your photographer’s party a brilliant finishing touch with camera shaped ice cubes? It may be a novelty item, but what kind of avid photographer wouldn’t want these? If the person you have in mind is particularly into outdoor photography, then you might want to get them some photography gloves. That’s right, photography gloves exist! This pair is designed to keep the photographer’s hands warm, but come with little holes at the tips of the fingers. This means that your photographer can make adjustments on their camera without losing any fingers to frostbite!
If money’s no object, then you might as well get them some new gear! Almost every photographer I know spends a lot of time moaning about a certain bit of kit they wish they had. It doesn’t have to be a brand new DSLR. Take a look around a digital camera store, and I’m sure you’ll find something appropriate. From lenses to cases to memory cards, there’s bound to be something the photographer in your life needs. Again, do your research here as subtly as possible. You don’t want to get your recipient something which they’ve recently bought themselves. Neither do you want a tripod which their camera won’t fit into!
With these suggestions and a little imagination, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect present. When you’re buying for this or any other kind of hobbyist, don’t get out of your depth. Professional photography gear isn’t cheap, and making hasty decisions could end up with you wasting a load of money. Do some homework by asking your photographer’s shooting buddies, and you’ll be able to steer clear of such a big disaster!

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