Monday, January 11, 2016

Giving Your Husband A Birthday He'll Remember

When we’re kids, we rarely go a day without thinking about our next birthday party. As we grow older of course, they start to seem less and less important. Many adults I know barely even acknowledge their birthdays at all! While I was writing my piece on love addiction, it got me thinking about my hubby’s birthday. It had been a while since either of us had had a truly special day. If you want to give your husband a birthday which will really make him feel appreciated, then here’s a little guide to help you out!

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It’s great to receive a gift which you know is made for you and you alone. The problem here is that customised gifts are so commonplace in the modern day, that some carry the risk of coming off a bit tacky. If you really want to give your husband something to remember, you may want to go a bit further than having his name printed on a mug. These days, there are a lot of services which allow you to create a personalised music video. You can use this to include his favourite music (obviously), pictures of you two, and cutesy inside jokes. Animoto makes some brilliant productions.
If it’s been a while, and you feel he’d like it, you could pull out all the stops and throw him a party. Depending on your partner, this could be a little gathering or a massive event, but you’ll know what to give him. Like any kind of party, it’s good to do the planning and invitations sooner rather than later so you’re not scrambling in the last days leading up to it! If you ever get stuck for ideas, I came across this great website focussing on male friendship. This will provide you with loads of party and gift ideas, cocktail recipes, and a lot of simply interesting articles.
Of course, everyone’s tastes are different. If your husband has never been a party animal, there are still dozens of sweet, simple ways you can show him you love him on his birthday. The best gift is one only you can give, and often this can be as simple as a lovely piece of writing. The Happy Wives Club gave me the idea for a husband gratitude list. This is not only unique, but has the potential to be absolutely heart-melting. Lists, letters or even poems if you’re really artsy, are all sure-fire ways of showing your appreciation.
There are all kinds of ways you could choose to give your husband the perfect birthday. Just think it through and be as selfless as possible. The honeymoon period is long gone, true. There are still countless things you can do to make his eyes shine with affection. After pulling it off, you’ll both remember those first little things that brought you two together. Marriage, and any kind of relationship, will always have its ups and downs. One thing that stays a constant is your simple, unthinking love for each other. Whatever you decide to do for hubby this year, drive that point home!

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