Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A "Nature-Filled" Weekend

Today's weekend was atypical. I got inspired by my friend Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life who spends every free time she has with mother nature. 

It was our father's day celebration- oh well away from our dear dadushky who is now in Haiti. It was actually an unplanned trip. The kids as usual were begging me for a trip to the mall- movie/game arcade kinda date but I was firm in reminding them we should be inhaling more fresh air!

To cut the story short- I won! So, we found ourselves listening and feeling the ocean breeze at a resort. Hmmmm still guilty of not really nature bonding yet it was the closest to an environmental celebration ehehehe!

As we ate lunch the wind was blowing hard as if to make us feel how much it missed us! Inasmuch as we wanted to swim in the sea I guess our timing wasn't great so off to the pool we swam ammmm errr pretended to swim LOL.

R, trying hard to float whilst resting his head by the pool divider
I spent sometime taking photos with my low-bat cam, I've not bonded with my DSLR for quite sometime now. It is not the gadget that creates great shots, that I have proven time and again through friend's captures.

So here goes my weekend romance with mother nature....

Until Our Next Weekend Adventure!


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  1. weeeeeeeee!!! wala pa tayong jumpshot dalawa. hehehe


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