Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How To Ease Your Parents Into Retirement

Some people totally dread retirement. They think it’s the end of their lives, and all they have left to do is wither away. If that sounds like your parents, tell them to not be so negative. It isn’t like that at all. Retirement and getting older can be a great thing. There’s so much they can do at that stage of their life.


Take Up A Hobby

With all that free time, they’re going to need to fill it up somehow. Why not start by taking up a hobby. If they’ve got existing hobbies, great! They can spend more time honing them and becoming a true master.

If they don’t though, they’re a little spoiled for choice. Think about what they like to do. If they’re something of a cerebral type, why not encourage them to take up chess? It’s the game of kings after all. If they fancy themselves something of a strategist, this can be a very fulfilling and entertaining hobby to have.

If they’re a big fan of art, why not start them painting? The gentle brushstrokes are so relaxing they’ll hardly know they’re doing anything. For hours, they can sit there just perfecting the colours on the sun shining over the horizon.

If they’ve always had a green thumb, why not start gardening? It’s nicely physical as well and something to keep their mind engaged. They get to keep fit at the same time as building something beautiful. Make sure you remind them to keep hydrated and take breaks though.

Moving To A New Home

Not everybody does this, but moving into a smaller home in a more relaxed environment is a great way to spend retirement. The family home can just be too big to maintain, not to mention empty. Why not try getting them to downsize?

They’ll find retirement homes for sale in almost any prime real estate location. Maybe they want to move into a small countryside village. How about into the mountains where they can breathe clean, fresh air? Alternatively, how about the seaside? Nothing beats a long stroll on the sand at the end of the day.

A new environment also means new friends. They could meet other retirees who’ve moved into the area. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up getting along better than they do with their other friends.


Of course with all the talk of moving and hobbies, they can’t forget about just taking some time out to relax. Getting old doesn’t mean they have to stop doing things completely, but one of the benefits of it is that they get to slow down.

Life is a rat race. People come bursting out of the gate running, and they don’t get to stop until retirement. While They still have to keep moving, taking life easy is one of the perks. Don’t get too caught up in trying to keep up with everybody else, live life at their pace.

So there we have it. Three great reasons why retirement doesn’t have to be a drag. Don’t be afraid of getting older. It’s only the beginning of a new adventure into a different lifestyle.

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