Sunday, June 14, 2015

3 Reasons You Must See Jurassic World

Sunday is usually "movie" day for the kids and I. Last week we viewed Insidious. Hmmm was I frightened? A bit I must admit. Today the kiddos dragged me to the movie house to sit back and enjoy JURASSIC WORLD and oh boy I HAD A helluva GREAT TIME!

So here goes my movie review again sort of. :)

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1. Non-stop thrill!

I'm not really the sci-fi kind of lass but perfectly crafted entertainment like this fourth installment in the Jurassic Park film series triggered the "happy" juices in my brain. Since everything seems oh too real- prepare to scream, squirm and mentally run FOR YOUR LIFE for the entire one hundred twenty four minutes LOL! 

2. Family oriented scenes

It's the kind of film you definitely MUST WATCH with the whole family. I admit to have sniffed and stifled a sob listening to those endearing lines that connect brothers, sisters and parents together. And yep, Jurassic World will make you APPRECIATE THE PERSONS WHO MATTER MOST IN LIFE. 

3. Instilling innate love for mother-nature

I've actually missed huge trees, forest, green grass and huge bodies of water on wide screen for quite sometime now. The film reminds us not to mess with NATURE and to take care of God's creation may they look scary or huge as DINOSAURS.

I won't give away the story and scenes for those who haven't had the time to see it! Nobody loves a spoiler eh? But am embedding the movie's official trailer here to get you all excited LOL! :)

With superb acting, perfect sound and visual effects, JURASSIC WORLD is one of 2015's BEST.

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  1. hmmm, i haven't seen any movie in many years, i wonder if i would be too inspired to give up my nature wandering to sit instead inside a movie house. haayst, too many interesting things to do, too little time.


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