Sunday, June 7, 2015

R's Claw Machine Obsession- "Sundate"

Okay, so my thirteen year old has been trying for weeks now to beat 'em claw machines!

Today the saga officially ended! ammm errr commenced I should have said since am pretty sure the boy-man is gonna ask me unrelentingly for a regular trip to the mall arcade. He's sleeping with those furry friends tonight!

It was a happy fam-date minus the hubby. We viewed Insidious Chapter 3 and I screamed my sanity out during the jump-scare scenes. Afterwards we had pizza, chicken and pasta- kids' favorites.

Aaahh I can't wait for the hubby to be home! Whew, too blessed to be stressed still and I thank the One Above for everything!

May your families be blessed always. ☺

R's shirt by Men's Club
Shorts by Dickies

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  1. I love Sundates! Papa O will be home soon, tell that to your self a million times and before you know it andyan na siya sa tabi mo. ;)


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