Friday, April 10, 2015

Life As It Is: Sunset Watch and Musings

For most days of the week I am loaded with problems. Don't worry, the problems aren't personal but work-related. Hmmm on second thought they are heavy nonetheless yet not personal I have to stress and that makes the huge difference.

So, sigh here I am on a Friday afternoon ready to blurt out TGIF!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to the weekend when I can spend time with my family. I will absolutely laugh, eat and sleep to my heart's content.

Why? Why not? All work and no play makes Kulasa a dull, a very dull girl.

Yesterday was awesome! I was able to finally watch the sunset again!

water caressing my feet

beautiful, beloved sunset taken with my smartphone

listening to the waves calmed my spirit...I could keep playing this...over and over

someone in the family enjoyed the sunset just as much as I did- my nephew Zach!

and yep there were lovers along the shore watching the end of the day

I still claim to be busy as busy can be. I am adjusting day by day to this new work designation of mine and everyday is another challenge but with daily prayers....I think I can call this MY CALLING....SOON....

photos taken using my now aged Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N700 Series

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  1. i thought so too, it is your calling. pls don't forget to call my name when stress gets the best of you. yabyew!!!

  2. Agree, no work and no play is a danger zone :)


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