Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Five Things You Need In Your Life This Spring

I don’t know about you but I’ve started to notice a little bit of sun creeping through the clouds. The days are getting longer and the air is a little warmer. That all means one thing; spring is around the corner! We can start getting out into the garden and visiting the parks. We can take walks down the river and shed the coats and jumpers. I love this time of year. Everyone is a little bit happier and more optimistic.

With spring and summer on their way, I like to get prepared. That means stocking up on fun activities for the kids, new clothes and new foods. The spring brings with it new fruits, new flowers and a healthy dose of inspiration. We all have our own little traditions and routines, but today I thought I’d share mine with you. Here are some of the things on my list for this spring and summer.

1. Food - The change in the seasons means a big change in the food we eat. In our family, we love to explore new tastes and follow the changes in the seasons. Winter is all about hearty, warming meals and we’ve had plenty of those! With the sun in the sky and the fruit on the trees, it’s time to find something more fresh and juicy! We’ll start making salads and picking strawberries from the bushes. Delicious!

2. Funky sunglasses - Sunglasses are an amazing way to get creative and have fun with fashion. It’s the one place you can really let loose with your style. I came across these prism glasses recently. They’re kaleidoscope sunglasses and they’ll be perfect for spring and summer.

3. Slip and slide - This one is for the kids! They’ve been begging for one for years and I think this year might be the year we give in. You can set it up in the back garden and layer it with water. Then take a run up and zoom down the slide. We’ll have to wait for a really sunny day for this one. But I can guarantee it will keep the little ones busy all day. It will be perfect for any upcoming parties too. Let’s hope it doesn’t make too much mess!

4. Portable barbeque - The best thing about the spring is taking long walks into the country. Or even just the local parks and along the river. We love to take a big picnic of snacks and foods and drinks with us. This year, we’re going to go a bit further! I found a portable barbeque that you can fold up and carry like a briefcase. When we find a quiet spot, we can light it up and get stuck in.

5. Ice cream maker - I’ve always wanted one of these so I may just treat myself this spring. Ice cream tubs are great, but they don’t compare to the real thing! It will be the perfect accompaniment to our spring and summer days in the garden.

As the sun starts coming through the clouds, you’ve got to start preparing! What’s on your list?

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