Friday, March 13, 2015

What to Expect When You Get Married

If you are in the middle of planning your wedding, you probably have to juggle dozens of things all at once. Life is always hectic and chaotic when you are organizing your own wedding. On top of booking everything, you may also be desperately seeking information about what to expect from marriage and how to keep your love everlasting. Advice may come from strange places. It may much welcomed or alarmingly narrow-minded. Lots of people seem to have plenty to say about the secrets to happiness once you are married, but how many of them are helping you to keep sane on the way to the alter?

Yes, wedding planning can drive the calmest of people to complete meltdown. You need to find a venue that is available on your preferred wedding date. Then you need to coordinate everybody to turn up there at the right time, suitably dressed for the occasion. Florists, photographers, caterers, bridesmaids and in-laws are all fighting for your attention. And they are all desperate to put their ideas into your wedding. What you really need is some calm, a cup of tea, and a good chin wag about what is about to happen. Your husband-to-be is probably desperately trawling the internet for tips on how to keep his wife-to-be happy too!

Getting a top wedding photographer isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need to find a previous client to introduce you just to get an appointment with one! Finding a good photographer near you is essential if you want to record the most romantic moments of your life. Pick one that puts you both at ease.  You’ll need your hair styled, and makeup done as well to ensure you are as beautiful as you have ever been. The dress should suit your shape, but also be full of detail that will pick up well in the photography.

Food at weddings is usually better remembered by the hungry guests than it is by the bride and groom who are dizzy with excitement and barely able to eat. Don’t waste time and energy picking dishes that the two of you love. You may not even have time on the day to sit and savor it with so much else going on. Pick popular dishes to keep your guests happy. Seating plans can be traditional for the top table, but arranging everyone for the other tables is a big job. Sometimes it is better to delegate this one out. Keep mom-in-law happy by letting her have some input here.

To enjoy your wedding day, you will need to be calm and focussed. Getting into that headspace is hard with so much going on. Find the time to have a coffee with a couple of married friends. Don’t talk about your wedding. Instead, talk about their marriage, and how things changed once they tied the knot. You may be disappointed to hear some of it, but you may also be delighted to know that they are still best friends and completely in love with their husbands. Your wedding is the first day of this new chapter in both your lives. Savor the moment!

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