Monday, January 19, 2015

Still Going With Your Resolution? Time For A Reward!

With so many of us making resolutions, and so much social media to remind ourselves we are all in it together, it has been easier to stick to our promises this year. Being able to check in with FaceBook and Twitter, as well as the trusty blog sites, to see how everyone is doing is great. We can offer up words of encouragement, and even see results. It has never felt more like a global community than right now. And we are doing it for the right reasons.

Every month that you stick to your plans, you should reward yourself in a really big way. A month is a really long time to commit to something new that you have had to work for and make sacrifices for. You absolutely deserve recognition and reward for it. You deserve an indulgence and spoiling, so find it! Get the girls together and figure out how you can celebrate in style each month you continue to strive for your goals.

Pampering is probably a better way to go if your resolutions involve a healthy diet. Rather than a big blow-out at a burger bar or chocolatier, find yourselves a day spa like the one at and book yourselves in for a spa party. Check out the menus and figure out what treatments and pampering specialties you would like. Then lay back and be spoilt the whole day. Bliss!

Another way to spoil yourselves, if you are all on a health kick, is to book a personal trainer to run a bespoke group for you all. Per head, this often costs less than booking in a session at the gym, so check the directories for someone near you. Yoga instructors also work in this way if you are in for a less pumping workout. You could all book in for something completely different, like a boot camp, paintball or assault course to get physical with.

Rewarding yourself for a job well done, or at least good intentions, is essential to remain motivated. Sometimes the results of diet and exercise resolutions aren’t as obvious as we would like, no matter how hard we try. If each month you celebrate that you have done all you can toward it, no matter what the results, you will find it easier to continue on with your efforts. One month is a huge amount of time, even though six months is often required to see big results for these kinds of resolutions.

Whatever your resolutions are, you are doing all the right things. Talk about it and let people know when you have a tough time with it. Life has a habit of throwing obstacles and temptations our way. Anything that makes it harder to stick to will probably crop up. Celebrate your tenacity each month with a treat you can celebrate with your nearest and dearest. And don’t forget to keep each other going with words of encouragement across all your social media and blogs.

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