Monday, January 19, 2015

Silly Things To Do For Fun With Your Family This Month

When you are trying to plan things to do for the whole family, it can be a challenge. Trying to find something to suit all ages if just one of the obstacles you’ll have to overcome. You will also have to make sure everyone is around to enjoy it together. Then there is the budget. Most family days out wind up costing way more than you want it to. To commit to having a family day once a month, you may have to opt for cheap, cheerful and home-made.
Assuming you have all committed to the same date and time each month, and you are all keen to participate, we have three fun family activities to try:

  1. Silly dress up and role play - This one is great for kids of any age. The costumes you choose don’t have to belong to a set or match. Grab anything you can. Pick something historical to tie in with school work, or something seasonal. Try some ladies wigs to get a sixties beehive or an eighties punk rocker. Keep the rules simple. All of you can get into character, and the grown ups can talk about what life was like. If you’re not sure about a particular historical period, do some research as a family online to boost those skills for the kids. See if you can find some themed recipes for one of your meals, and see if you can find an indoor activity for you all to try out that is relevant. The role play is great for creative minds, and for thinking carefully about a particular character.
  2. Silly crafting and art - Grab some supplies from your local hobby store. Set yourselves a challenge to build something and decorate it. Work as a team, each building a different part or work in competition with some more free-spirited designs. Try to tie it in with school work. Perhaps build a British Navy ship and a Pirate ship to have a battle on the high seas of the bath tub. Try to build a hanging charm to decorate the spare room. Each member of the family can create one charm, and then work together to string it up as one complete set.
  3. Silly Movie making - There are some great apps for kids to master video making skills. Start with writing a script and each of you can take an acting role and be the camera operator for one scene.

Again, try to link the storyline into something being studied at school. Maybe something about the Romans or Native Americans. Once you have all your footage, edit it in an app or directly into YouTube. Upload it and watch it on the big screen. Once it is on YouTube, you can invite Grandparents to watch too. Maybe they will be the stars of the next Family Premier! This activity promotes creative writing skills as well as visual arts in several ways. Learning how to communicate using video is a very useful skill for school too.

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