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Lovely Ways To Help Your Friend Plan A Wedding

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If a friend of yours has decided to tie the knot, you need to be there for her. In the lead up to the wedding, your friend will likely feel the strain of trying to plan a wedding. It is far from easy. That is why you need to step in and help her out. As her friend, you know what she wants and needs. That means that you can help her figure out what she wants from her wedding day. Right now, she needs people around her who truly care about her well being. Here are some lovely ways you can help her out.

Show that you are a supportive person

From the moment your friend gets engaged, you need to show her that you support her decision. A lot of brides struggle with the idea of becoming someone's wife. It is a massive deal. There will be times, when your friend needs you to listen to her worries. You should be supportive. You need to reassure her that everything will be okay and that she has made the right decision.

Help her figure out the budget

Budgeting for a wedding reception is super difficult. You probably know what your friend's financial situation is. Talk to her about her budget and how much she plans to spend. If you are good at math, you can go through the numbers with her and see what she can afford. Remember, planning a wedding is a lot for just one person to handle. If there is a way you can help your friend, you should do it.

Help her take care of the little details

In the rush of planning a wedding, people often forget the small details. It is these details, though, that make the day itself feel special. You should take it upon yourself to organize all the little extras. You could get bespoke wedding favours from ChloeBeck and choose the centerpieces for the tables. It might sound like these things won't make a difference, but they will make your friend's life easier than it is. Helping her to plan these aspects of her wedding will mean that she can focus on the big picture.

Plan her bachelorette party

A bachelorette party is your friend's last chance to go wild for the night. You likely know what she likes to do, and so you should find it simple to plan an event that she will love. Remember, this party is not about you; it is all about your friend. Choose activities that you know she will enjoy so that she has an incredible time. You don't have to organize a traditional party; you could arrange a day trip or even a weekend away somewhere.

Write something unique for the wedding

If you want to show your friend how much you love her, you should consider writing her something for the big day. You can read the piece out at the main reception to show everybody how much you care. Writing is a healthy and fun activity. Don't worry if you don't have any professional training; you don't need any. Just sit down and write what you feel. The best speeches are honest and heartfelt.

Find some incredible entertainment

If you want to surprise your friend (and her new husband) with something special, you can do so. You should look to hire some surprise entertainers for the reception itself. Your friend will likely have hired a band, and so you need to speak to them about their schedule first. You could have a surprise artist come on before or after the band. This idea makes an excellent wedding present.

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