Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Must-read Reasons for Why Your Family Should Visit the Seaside

There are lots of types of beautiful terrain on our wonderful planet. The mountains or a bright green meadow are the preferred landscapes for some people and others like deserts or cityscapes. But people who live on the coast will tell you that you can't beat living by the ocean. There are a great deal of benefits to spending your life by the seaside, even if you don't live right on the beach. Cliffs, sand and the sea all open up many fun and unique activities that you can't do anywhere else. It's excellent for kids too, who can experience the fresh ocean breeze and the wonders of sea life, which many children might only ever see in an aquarium. Making your home by the sea might even be healthier for you than living elsewhere.

Fun in the Sun

There's no doubt that the ocean, beaches and seaside cliffs give you lots of things to do. Of course, there are people's favorite activities, like sunbathing and swimming. But you don't need to live somewhere hot and sunny to enjoy the coast. There are all kinds of sports and activities that kids and adults can get involved with. If you and your children are sporty, you might love to try out any number of pursuits, from surfing and sea kayaking to caving and hiking on the cliffs above the sea. Arty people will find plenty to inspire them too and can try their hand at sand sculptures or painting a seascape as they look out at the water.


Peace and Quiet

One thing that attracts many people to live and vacation on the coast is the tranquility. Of course, it isn't always calm and quiet. Many beaches become packed with visitors and residents during the summer. But there are also locations and seasons where you can find a spot all for you, with no one to disturb you. And if you ever wanted to move closer to the sea, it would be easy to find an out-of-the-way house like the luxury homes Perth residents own in Australia. Some people even buy a second home or rent one from time to time, so they have somewhere to go when they want to get away from it all.

Health Benefits

Did you know that the places on Earth where people live longest are all by the sea? Many of them are islands, including Okinawa in Japan and Sardinia in Italy. There could be a number of reasons for the long lives of these regions' residents, including a diet with plenty of seafood. Whatever the factors that help people live longer, it seems that living by the ocean can certainly do you some good. The fresh air is healthier than polluted cities, the diet is often leaner and more varied, and there's plenty to make you feel happier and less stressed.

If your family needs a change, a trip to the seaside (or a permanent move!) could do everyone some good. You should consider taking the leap and going to breathe in some ocean air.

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