Friday, December 19, 2014

Officially Four-Eyed, First Nerdy OOTD

After weeks of ignoring bouts of headache and squinting eye muscles I finally gave in. I had my eye checked. Yep I am a healer but when it comes to my own health I confess I usually deny symptoms until doing so takes its toll. Not a good example, definitely so I resolve to listen to my body more intently from now on. 

So instead of torturing my eyes just to do away with looking like a geek I am now officially four-eyed. Things look clearer and my eyes are now relaxed and I haven't had a migraine attack for days. 

Having eye problems? Go ahead and schedule an appoinment with an eye specialist. It will make a lot of difference.

Click HERE for important tips on taking care of the windows to our soul.

Tops- by BLUTAB
Eyewear- iCandy
Necklace-gift from doc MJ
Bracelet- gift from Kulas

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  1. beautiful four-eyed you!

    i love you, just in case you forget... wait.., will people start to doubt if one of us is lesbian? hahahaha! oooops, no pun intended. i love lesbians, we have one in the family. ;)


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