Friday, December 19, 2014

Gifts for Someone Kooky This Christmas

If you know somebody who could be considered ‘kooky’, you’re probably worrying about what to buy them for Christmas this year. You can’t just buy them something normal - surely they’d frown upon it? Here are some kooky ideas to suit all budgets!

A Design Your Own Perfume Set

Instead of splashing out a fortune on some expensive perfume, buy a ‘design your own perfume’ set. This way, the receiver will be able to way a scent totally tailored to them in every way. It’s a lot of fun to do too!

Music Pillow

A musical pillow will play your kooky friend songs as they fall asleep, and gently wake them with songs or an alarm tone. They can set it however they want it. It’s the best wake up call ever!

A Personalised Sweatshirt

Does your kooky friend like to dress kooky too? Get them a personalised sweatshirt to wear so they can show the world! This could say their name, their favourite phrase, word, or even have a picture they love on it. There are all kinds of sites online that will do this for you.

A Star

Of course you can’t actually buy a star, but you can name one in their honour and give them a certificate to prove it!

A Shisha Pipe

Some people consider a shisha pipe to be a great way to relax, and it definitely looks interesting on a coffee table. You can buy a shisha pipe online for your kooky friend, just make sure you leave enough time for it to arrive by Christmas.

A Star Wars Origami Set

Who wouldn’t want to be able to make Yoda out of paper? I don’t know one single kooky person that wouldn’t! Buy them a Star Wars origami set and they’ll stay entertained for hours while gaining a new skill.

A Colour Changing Umbrella

Your kooky friend might not want a child’s umbrella with cartoons all over it, but I bet they’d love something different. A colour changing umbrella will flash rainbow colours as it gets wet, making it look magical as they stroll through the rain.

A Pussy Magnet

Please, don’t say what you’re thinking! The pussy magnet is simply a black magnetic cat designed to help keep desks tidy by collecting staples and paper clips. If your kooky friend often complains about keeping things tidy, the pussy magnet could be the perfect gift!

A Pressed Flower Phone Case

Pressed flowers are beautiful, but you usually only find them on artwork. Now, your kooky friend can carry a beautiful pressed flower around with them in the form of a phone case. It’ll make their iPhone look very pretty, and you won’t find many people with the same design!

Are these gifts kooky enough for you? I hope so. Your friend is sure to like anything you get for them, providing you’ve put some thought into it. It isn’t always about the money spent! Leave a comment if you have any more suggestions. Have a great Christmas!

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