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Healthy Living: Taking Care of the Windows to Your Soul

          On most work-free mornings at home the first thing I see is the face of my son sleeping sweetly beside me. I kiss him and thank the high heavens for another day. I close my eyes and pray for the day's toils and marvel at how lucky I am to be alive and able to see. I am guilty though of sometimes taking my gift of sight for granted. Today while browsing old photos I realized I shouldn't wait another day to give my eyes the pampering they need. Sharing with you gathered tips on....


  • Eat Well
          "yellow"  "orange" and "green" veggies and fruits are best for good eyesight, aaahh we know that from kindergarten but again sometimes dismiss the advice because there are more tasty artificially colored food around that we munch on, and that's just too bad, so for great vision let us start munching on carrots, eating more of those yellow squash and sweet potatoes! add to your diet more of vitamin C loaded fruits and omega-3 rich fish for good eyesight! 
  • Rest 'em Well
          never put too much stress on those eyelids and pupils or you will end up with twitching eye muscles and difficulty focusing...I have had my share of episodes of twitching eyelids that old folks would account for a sign that someone in the family might die if it is on the right eye..oh boy I believed that until just a few years ago when I realized it is due to using the computer 24/7, watching television non-stop, reading in the dark and treating one's eyes like that of a robot's which could work in perfect condition even in the harshest of environment...

         so what should we do?

         -have at least six (6) to eight (8) hours of sleep at night, if you have contact lenses be sure to remove 'em when you go to dreamland...oh and yes do not forget to remove make up from your eyelids with gentle solutions and can you please use eye make up which are non-irritating and use 'em only when the event truly calls for heavy make-up :)
Quen Nathassia Molly Zabate

          -wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun when outdoors, flaunt them, choose them well and whatever you wear, make sure it allows you to view the road well, you don't want to crash into something don't you?

Krizzhel Bianca Ortega

         -when using the computer is a must, be sure to: 

            ~blink, blink every now and then to avoid putting too much strain on your eyes from looking at the bright screen and becoming dry, I remember being ridiculed by my male classmates in grade school for blinking too often, now I can put that mannerism to good use :)

            ~take a break from looking at the screen and follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes :look at something 20 feet away for around 20 seconds to keep your eye's focusing ability to the maximum

            the proper position while using the computer? now I am guilty of not following this one:

             `one should be seated an arm's length away (around 50 to 70 cm away from the computer screen and the screen should be positioned below eye level at around 10 to 20 cm lower than your eyesight) : this position is best to allow your eyelids to cover your eyes therefore making it blink more and produce more lubrication'
"stay away from the computer as long as possible and using your phones and limit your online presence to highly important activities, the world has so many beautiful leisure healthy treats to offer aside from virtual ones"

Do Some Eye gymnastics:

Remember not to move your head-
move your eyes up and stay like this for one second and then look straight ahead, then move your eyes down and stay like this for a second, after that look straight ahead again...

a variation of this is looking from side to side....

and yep, treat yourself to an eye spa:

 Cucumbers placed on your eyelids while closing them off to dreamland, you will wake up refreshed and ready to face the challenges of the day

(note: be sure the cucumbers are not laden with ants, a personal experience left me with swollen eyelids and itchy red eyes when I left the cucumbers on a side table for sometime, went to bed after several hours, put off the lights and then grabbed the cucumbers, placed them on my eyes without noticing that in my absence the cucumbers were swarmed by red ants, red ants ladies and gentlemen, imagine the ordeal I had to go through LOL) 

which leads me to my last advice which is

what to do when you sustain an eye injury or any eye irritation for that matter:

  • do not panic
  • however it hurts or itches do not scratch your eyes
  • wash your eyes gently with clean running water, cover them with a clean cloth or anything soft and clean and get to a medical facility the soonest possible time..
  • and yes have regular eye check ups...and when prescribed eye glasses, wear them and be sure to follow your ophthalmologist's advice
Winona Elaine Chan Soriano

there is so much to see in the world so take care of the windows to your soul....

photo by: RHODA A. PALABAY

~for more info, please consult your ophthalmologist~

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

from my humble world, to yours
stay happy, healthy and inlove with life
special thanks to the gorgeous girls in this post
Quen, Krizhel, Winona

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

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  1. Love your photo on top! You are such a sweet soul for always featuring your friends and family in your blog.

  2. Aw, anyway, working with computer is not always anymore. A lot of offline tasks take me away from it, but except when there are activities that need to be done.

  3. the eye gymnastics, back and shoulder/leg exercises had really helped me managed my migraines to tolerable level, am so glad to say i seldom have headaches now that makes me sick to the stomach, shiver from pain, etc etc, now, everything seems light, and i also apply the best computer position now. these are great tips Zen that most of us oftentimes forget or simply not aware about it.

  4. One thing that I don't really want to happen is to have to wear eyeglasses. That's why no matter how many hours I spend in front of the computer I see to it to have a 6-8 hours of sleep. These tips are helpful, I'm gonna do the blink, blink when in front of the computer now. :)

  5. These are very helpful tips especially for our eyes. I have to make sure that I need a break from looking at the screen. I do not wear any eyeglasses yet and hope to keep that way :-)

  6. Love your Amihan photo sis. And thanks for the tips, they will come in very handy . Ayokong alagaa pa ang mga mata ko, baka kasi marami pang ma-in love.

  7. thanks for these tips Doc Zen, its really great to read things like this especially coming to a well-respected doctor like you...indeed, we need to take good care of our eyes and all these tips are helpful. by the way, i love your picture, you've got that lovely eyes. :) have a great week.

  8. Lovely tips. I thought I had an eye problem before but thank God, it was just over exposure to monitors and it did not damage my eyes. Though I need to rest my eyes every 20 minutes of using the computer or else, goodbye 20-20.

  9. hahahahahaha, red ants attack! ma-try ko nga din pero without ants ha. LOL. labyew! great, great tips from our resident doc. tenchu! :)


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