Saturday, October 25, 2014

Quit Smoking: The Complete Guide

For many, smoking is one of life’s few small pleasures. However, there’s always that little voice of guilt at the back of your mind. You know its bad for you. You know you should give up. Unfortunately, the little voice is drowned out and you find yourself reliant on cigarettes. You reach for them when you’re stressed or nervous. You reach for them while out with friends or simply out of habit.

It’s easier than you think to give up. The key is to have a really strong reason for quitting. Make a plan and then make sure you have plenty of distractions when the cravings come along. There is no shortcut. You will need will power and there will be times when you are desperate for that smokey relief. But stay strong and follow these tips. You’ll be living a healthier lifestyle in no time.
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Make a list of reasons to quit

This is important. You need a strong reason to quit. There are plenty of practical reasons for quitting. You’ll save money, you don’t have to stand in the freezing cold and you’ll stop smelling like a musty old bar. However, these reasons are not strong enough to fight off the urges. Find something specific to you that has a deep connection. Maybe you want to give your children a smoke free environment. This kind of personal reason will stop you reaching for the pack. It will pop into your head every time you do and it will put you off. Find your reason.


Planning is very important. Don’t just quit on the spot and throw your pack away. That might work for some, but for others it makes more sense to phase it out. You’ll slowly lower your nicotine dependence and then you can stop. Set yourself a ‘quit date’ and work towards that. Schedule a ‘quitting party’ so there’s no excuse.

Try some stress-buster techniques at the same time. Stress is one of the biggest triggers for smoking, make sure you minimise it. You’ll also want many smaller plans to deter the cravings. Identify when your cravings hit you the hardest. Is it first thing in the morning? Is it with a mid-morning coffee? Is it when you’re out with friends? Make a list of when you’re most vulnerable to urges and plan alternatives.


One of the biggest issues when quitting is figuring out what to do with your hands! If you’ve spent years with a cigarette in your hand, you’ll suddenly find it very strange. You’ll feel awkward when socialising. Instead of reaching for the comfort cigarette, try holding your drink in your smoking hand instead. Keep your mouth busy with mints or chewing gum.

You could use an electronic cigarette. They can help you lower your nicotine intake over time and you’ll still have something for your hands to play with. You can now buy plenty of different E Juice options so you can smoke your favourite flavours too.

Finally, make sure your friends and family know your plan. They can help encourage you and keep temptations away. They can be sensitive to your challenge. The last thing you want is your best friend puffing smoke in your face when you’re trying to quit. So, start your plan and you’ll be smoke free in no time!

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