Monday, December 22, 2014

7 Must-Read Stress-Buster Techniques

I'm not exactly an expert on this. Yet being subjected to pressure and stress from time to time has turned me into someone who can subtract the negativity from a situation and multiply the positive vibes. Am no math genius but I can claim to be a good "blessing" counter.

1. Do away with the frown on your face, smile a lot!

Working on a holiday or taking a difficult exam on a rainy atmosphere instead of curling up in bed would usually dampen one's mood. Yet look at such a day as a chance for you to improve yourself and earn tickets to heaven. When you listen to the woes of others you end up realizing your problems are too little compared to the suffering of others. So pocket that frown and flash thy dazzling teeth!

2. Keep In Touch With Grateful People

There's nothing worst than hanging out with guys and gals who do nothing but complain about this and that. They got jobs and earning bucks yet something is always missing for them. They can not appreciate the simple fact that they are employed while so many others out there are just dreaming of what they already have. Keep them in your prayers though, that they eventually change for the better.

Stay close to people who inspire you to be the best that you can be. Technology makes it easy now to converse with family and friends across the miles who can make us feel too blessed to be stressed. For this I have a twinzy to thank. I hope you all find a BFF who multiplies your positive vibes in a snap.

3. Eat Your Fruits and Veggies and Exercise

And yep, ditch the fatty items and too much salt. A moderation in everything is the key to a well nourished body. With the proper weight and waistline size we can move along easily and happily! Say goodbye to fries, chips, donuts and soda and get into a regular exercise regimen now not tomorrow or the day after, NOW!

4. Rely On Nature To Treat Your Malady

Start a hobby! Gardening, photography, writing or it can be simply staring at the blue sky, or the moon at night or that pot of flower or leafy plant on the table. Patting the back of your puppy or listening to the singing birds are simple ways to relax your spirit. The therapeutic effect of God's creation is amazing.

5. Count, Count Until You Breath With Ease

It's a technique that has lightened people's chests since 1,2,3 was known to man. Angry? On the brink of a panic attack? Get a hold of your emotions and concentrate on your breathing. Allow the negative emotions to flow away. Close your eyes and say to yourself "You can do it; you can do it; you are empowered, you are brave; you are stronger than this situation and you can overcome it." Say it with passion and conviction. Before long you will notice an even pattern in your heartbeat and conquer your fears.

6. Pray, Pray Unceasingly

Always remember to call out to Someone more powerful than anyone in the world. Someone who gives us all the courage to do the RIGHT THING ALL THE TIME. Add a prayer to everything you do and for sure you can move mountains.

7. When All Else Fails, KEEP THE FAITH

When things seem to be going wrong no matter what you do just keep going. You may be near the resolution of a storm. After all even the rain stops eventually so fret not, just keep the faith and add laughter to someone else's life....IT MAY SAVE YOURS! :)

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  1. very well written, thought it was a guest post. ;)

    too blessed to have you too, in good and bad times! i love our drama free-commitment free-expectation free-au naturel-one of a kind-awesome sisterhood/friendship.

  2. beautiful food for healthy thoughts for healthy heart, body and mind. Zen. I do try to keep me away from negativity by hiding all those whiners in my FB list :)


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