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Fantastic Dream Jobs That Will Let You Travel

We all dream of a job that will let us travel. Whether you’re established in a particular career or just setting out down a particular avenue, plenty of us idealise a life of globetrotting at work. But it can be hard to know which jobs will allow you to travel and which ones will keep you anchored in one place.

Here’s my quick guide for a few unconventional jobs that will encourage you to get out and see the world, whilst also giving you an engaging work life.

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Shipping Jobs

I know, this can seem a bit far out. But hear me through before completely dismissing it. Working for shipping companies can be an incredibly rewarding career that will allow you to see whole swathes of the world. You will generally have to be highly qualified in navigation or engineering, and will have to have a certain number of industry qualifications and degrees. But once you are qualified you can look forward to a lifetime of rewarding work.

When you are employed by a shipping company, you will find that your job is incredibly varied. You will find yourself traveling to all corners of the world, frequenting cities that have large and busy ports. You will also find that the work is fairly well-paid and that there are frequent opportunities for advancement. The work is highly skilled, and the cargo you are carrying will often be worth huge amount of money, so they will want it in capable hands. You will also find that you will work for long periods of time, followed by many months of rest. You can use this time to recuperate at home, or take your salary and splash out on some more travelling adventures.


This one is a bit more competitive, but it is also open to a larger audience of job prospectors. Journalism will often allow you to travel around the world, reporting on various events and providing insight from the ground. This may not seem like an unconventional job, but it is unconventional in its scope.

As a journalist, there would be a whole world of specialisations available to you. You should be able to work across any number of mediums, and you might choose to work in the spotlight or behind the scenes. You might want to go off travelling as a journalist’s cameraman or producer, meaning that you will be based in one city or country for years on end. In a profession such as this it is often an asset to have local knowledge, and therefore you are more likely to spend a fairly long time in each place. This is one for people that want to live in different places, rather than just stopping by for a visit.

Travelling Chiropractor

This one is a bit less general, but it is incredibly lucrative in every sense. As a chiropractor, your services will always be in demand. Doctors have to travel, and so will you. No one wants to have to wait for weeks at a time to see someone when something as severe as their back is in great pain.

So chiropractors find themselves working in a variety of travelling positions. Wherever people go, there will be a market for chiropractors. But there are a few areas where it is more common to find them in constant employment. Touring athletes will often have the need for chiropractors in order to maintain their level of fitness.

During races such as the Tour de France you will find whole teams of medical professionals, chiropractors among them, following behind. If you are at all interested, you should certainly learn more about what it's like being a traveling chiropractor. It can be a financially lucrative profession that will challenge you on any continent.

Construction and Engineering

These are viable options that can challenge you in ways you hadn’t thought possible. Once again, jobs in construction and engineering do not seem to appear particularly unconventional. But once again, it is the scope for variety within the field that makes them stand out.

If you specialise in a certain area of construction or are an extremely qualified engineer, then you can expect to be paid a premium to travel to sites across the world. Construction projects are usually big budget affairs, and so it really isn’t worth sparing any expense in their completion. Project managers will often fly in the best of the best for the biggest projects, wherever they are in the world. Working in this sector can mean that you get a nice balance of work and play, as you will only be needed on site for a fraction of the time. You will generally be flown out to the location for weeks or months at a time, and you’ll have plenty of time to explore the local area. You will also find that you will be blessed with large gaps between jobs, which will allow you to travel with family or friends.

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If you have a developed portfolio of work and a reputation that precedes you, then you might also think about working as a chef. Many jobs are available on yachts and in private residences across the world. And many of the jobs such as this are seasonal, meaning that you will work for only a part of the year.

As a private chef, you will often have the pleasure of travelling with those who can afford to employ you. You will also have the opportunity to develop your own personal style and menu in a way that you might not be allowed to in a traditional restaurant. Working as a chef for a private client can therefore give you a sense of freedom in many ways that you have not previously experienced. Private chefs are also considered a luxury addition to any lifestyle, and so you will often find that they command very good salaries. Working in a role such as this can truly give you a taste for the finer things in life.

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