Monday, December 22, 2014

Accessorize! -How To Give Color To Your Gloomy Day

I don't always feel great, you know- great like great great! ☺ There are times when the busyness of life wears me off and take away the sunshine from my eyes.

One thing that works to lighten up my mood when I'm down is dressing up.

I love splashing color to my day with matching accessories. Huge bangles and dangling earrings used to be too much for me but I've discovered the beauty of wearing 'em to accentuate a jolly feeling.
(All thanks to someone who once told me I should doll up more often.)

But then of course simplicity is always the best and a good heart will always be our defining factor.

So just be you and let go of all the drama! Celebrate womanhood and once in while do dress up like there is no tomorrow ☺.

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