Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ultimate Guide To Transforming Your Room On A Budget

Every room in the house is feeling a little drab and you really fancy a change. But the money is tight, and you don’t want to spend a lot this close to the holiday season. If feature walls and changing the furniture are a bit beyond the budget at the moment, fear not. We have top tips and ideas on how to change your room without breaking the bank. Think soft furnishings and small touches…

Cushions: Changing the cushions on the sofa for a completely different colour and texture will make the room feel like a new place. You can color match or not. Patterned or plain. Whatever you fancy or see first in the store. As they say, a change is as good as a vacation.

Throws: A bold, solid color throw will make drab and boring sofas spring back to life. They are great for covering up tired looking furniture too. You could try 2 complimenting colors and place one on each sofa. Check out contemporary looks at places like and other websites.

Windows: Swapping curtains and drapes for blinds opens the room up. Blinds come in hundreds of colours so you could pick one to make a mark on the room. Alternatively, choose new drapes with bold stripes to help the room feel bigger. It can make the window into a fab feature.

Floors: A new rug costs only a few dollars, but picking something with bold colours and pattern can bring the room back to life. Characterful and playful, a rug shouldn’t be covered up with a coffee table. Let it make its statement.

Walls: Hanging a new impressionist canvas art in one or two statement colors can set you in the mood for a new color scheme. Only hang wall art on a two walls that and not opposite each other to bring a splash of cheeky color to the room.

Lights: Changing the light fittings and adding a new color shade can make the room feel like a different place whether the lights are on or not. Add a new standard lamp or table lamp to the room to add some elegance or a trendy minimalist style to the place.

Doors: The little touches can often make the biggest difference. If you can’t afford the whole door, how about changing the handles to something more elegant or contemporary? You can also buy new door knobs for cupboards and sideboards in the room to subtly change their look.

Accessorize: Adding a vase of intense colored decorative faux flowers, and a few matching candles on the mantle and the fire surround, can add vibrancy to the room. The scented candles when lit may even add character to the room with a warm new smell.

Making any or all of these changes costs very little. You could experiment with colors you never thought you would try. If you don’t like it change it again. Refreshing the look of your room every year or so brings a new energy into a place and can really lift your mood.

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