Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Three Clear Signs You Need Alarm Monitoring

Many people tend to think that they only need alarm monitoring when they live in an area filled with crime. If you do not use monitoring with an alarm system or a home security system, you aren't using that system to its fullest. While those systems can alert police and fire departments, the systems only work when you're standing there and can talk to a representative. With home alarm monitoring, the company alerts help immediately after noticing a problem. If you aren't sure if monitoring is a good choice, check out some simple reasons why you might need this option.

You Spend Hours Away from Home

Do you spend 40 hours or more at work every week? Do you often find yourself traveling for either work or pleasure? If so, you need alarm monitoring for your home. Even if your neighbors water your plants, feed your pets and take in your mail, they can't watch your house all day and every day until you return. With alarm monitoring, you know that there is someone keeping a close eye on your house and looking for signs of danger when you're on the road.

You Live in a Less Than Desirable Neighborhood

Many people tend to think that those who use alarm monitoring are those who live in bad areas or on the wrong side of town. A less than desirable neighborhood may include one with a high rate of teenagers. Those teens can break into homes and garages, looking for alcohol, money and things they can sell or use. You may even find that one of your neighbors has a drug problem or has a child with a drug problem, which can affect your home and safety. 

You Notice Odd Things Near Your Home

Most robbers don't simply pick a house at random and immediately break in and steal things. They typically case various properties for a few weeks before deciding to break into a home. Robbers often want to know when the residents come and go and when the house is empty throughout the day. You might notice that someone trampled over the bushes and plants near your home, you might find cigarette butts and food debris littered around your lawn or other signs that someone sat outside your home. Alarm monitoring lets you sleep better at night knowing that someone else is watching over your house.

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