Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How To Keep Yourself Feeling Young

Well, I am claiming it. The past three years I have been feeling younger instead of older. I sometimes do not believe it when people tell me I am looking younger with each passing year and the stress of my everyday life does not show. Yep I have a job that requires me to deal with in between life and death matters every second literally. Add to that the stress of going to post-grad school and no less than law school. Whew I survived first semester and honestly I am proud to have made it this far. I honestly doubt whether I could finish the course but just keep moving on one day at a time. I am also a mom of two teen-aged boys and wife to a law enforcer so go figure the toxicity of my 39th year on planet Earth. But to date I am still on top of if all and keeping my sanity. So how do you think I manage to be "wonderwoman" in my own right? Here goes...

I keep praying.

I pray while walking; pray while healing; pray even in my sleep. I recognize the fact that nothing in this world is impossible with FAITH and HARD WORK.

When the going gets rough I stop to meditate. 

I breathe in and breathe out all the negative vibes in my system. I think of all the happy times I had with loved ones and focus on my BLESSINGS. I allow myself to wake up each morning grateful for simply being alive.

I eat properly and exercise regularly.

That's not really true LOL. So far I have not yet had started a regular exercise regimen but I drink enough fluids each day and have ditched fatty foods.

I hang out with caring, responsible people.

Now that's physically and on-line. The positive aura that such people bring into our  lives is priceless. When you find true friends, stick to them and cherish your families. In the end, inspiring people could make all the difference.

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  1. Hello, sis! I hope you had a great birthday! I will be celebrating my birthday soon and I have been having mixed feelings about it. I feel like I have not done enough worthwhile things in my life, my health is not in anyway good, and I am nearing that "empty nest" stage. However, like you, I find comfort in prayer. Everyday after work, I pass by the church to give thanks to God for all the blessings. I pray for healing. I ask God to keep my family and friends are safe from all harm. I know we were placed on this earth for a purpose. My wish for you, sis, is to be able to fulfill your purpose and to live a full, blessed life with your hubby and children. Sulat lang ng sulat, hanggang di pa nasisira ng arthritis ang mga daliri. Haha. Miss you, sisterette! Love you!

  2. i likw that you are getting younger! So am that i have retired!

  3. Hi Zen, I am not sure if this would be published since I entered a comment earlier in the other post but did not go through, anyway, stay young always Zen, miss ya!


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