Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Welcomed Home By Hubby's Cooking

I'm finally home! After hugging the kids oh so tightly and catching up unsurprisingly, the first thing I did was eat. While shopping for grocery items the hubby and I saw curry powder and both agreed it's gonna be chicken curry for dinner! We hurried to the vegetable section for celery, carrots and potatoes then got a whole chicken. I spent most of the afternoon regaining my strength snoring in bed. The aroma of curry woke me up and lo and behold, the hubby's specialty was already waiting for me. 

I must admit this was one of his best recipe to date. The other ones weren't that tasty hehehehe but his efforts at cooking makes him the best husband ever!- and me the spoiled wifey :) He certainly knows how to make me happy. 

The best appetizer is the love of family and friends.

I thank God for all the blessings he sends our way and pray that everyone in all the world be safe from harm each day.

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  1. Yummy! Now, I need to get the veggies because I got the chicken and the curry powder.


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