Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fun Water Sports for Your Kids to Enjoy

Improving your child's confidence can take on many different forms. You can give them the courage to stand up for themselves, confidence in their abilities or body confidence. One type of courage and confidence that's great for kids to work on is being confident around water. Being able to swim and feel comfortable in the water can be hugely beneficial to your child's life. It makes them safer because they're able to keep themselves afloat should they ever have an accident. But being water confident can also open up opportunities for them to engage in all sorts of fun things in life, from sailing to surfing. Learning to swim is one thing that can help children feel more comfortable around water. And there are also other sports that will help them see water as a source of fun, although still something to respect and be careful around.



People around the world love surfing and kids love trying it out. Once your child has achieved a basic level of swimming, they can give it a go. Most lessons take place in fairly shallow water, at about waist height. Children can start learning from around six years of age, although some schools will take them from as young as four. Look for an approved surf school, and your child will be able to participate in a taster session. They can use this to see if they would like to take a longer course.

Scuba Diving

Perhaps you consider scuba diving as more of an adult sport, but many scuba diving schools give lessons for older children. If your child takes to the water like a fish, they'll love being able to stay under the water for longer. Use an accredited scuba diving school, where instructors supervise children in safe conditions. Usually, they will learn in a swimming pool before going anywhere near the ocean. They learn the basics of scuba diving and how to use the equipment. From ages 10-14 they can take the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Open Water Diver scuba certification. Make sure to look into scuba diving insurance for diving at home or on vacation.

Dinghy Sailing

Not all water sports have to involve being in the water, and dinghy sailing is one of the quickest types of sailing to learn. It's a great sport for the whole family to get involved in, and it's also safe and inexpensive. Dinghies are easy to handle, as well as being responsive and quick. They're great fun for a gentle sail on a river or lake, which is safer than sailing on open seas. Find a sailing school near to you where your children can have lessons (usually no younger than eight years old) or maybe send them on a day-long course while you're on a trip somewhere.

Paddle Sports

Finally, for an even smaller boat your kids could try canoeing or kayaking. It's easy to find kids' boats and lessons, and they're ideal sports for the whole family to get stuck into. As well as canoeing and kayaking, you might want to try stand up paddleboarding (SUP) too. The boards look a little like surfboards, but you stand on them and propel yourself with a paddle.

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