Thursday, October 16, 2014

One Down, Three To Go: Oh Law School Adventure!

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I can't believe it's FINAL EXAMS week already! It seems only yesterday when I made a 360 degree turn from my Psychiatry dream to the court room reality.

The court room is farthest from my thoughts though as I am still very far from achieving my next coveted title with the will to serve and give more of myself to humanity. Sounds hard core eh? Wahahaha truth is the journey is as bumpy and arduous as I pictured it to be. There's definitely no turning back now. They say it's when the going gets rough that the tough keeps on going and that quitters never win oh yeah! So am sticking to this game and giving mah best. Six words to inspire me and you to reach for our stars- God is good, all the time! 

Whatever your goal in life is dear friends, just keep moving forward. Nobody ever made it just staying in a corner.

I dare say, law school- BRING IT ON! uttered with determination and all humility☺

P.S. my sincerest apologies for being crazily busy and absent from your virtual homes

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  1. congratulations - i am always glad when a person begins to achieve their goal!


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