Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fighting Off A Virus: Our True To Life Dengue Tale

Nothing can weaken this mother's soul more than seeing my kids ill. I get dizzy and sick to my stomach and feel every nerve of my being ache beyond imagination whenever my boys are feverish or simply looking pale. 

The other night I again experienced one of those scary moments of touching my younger son's skin and sensing him to be febrile. The medical practitioner part of me was telling me to relax because it just might be a growing up phase while the mommy side of me was on the brink of panic and praying hard for the symptoms of dengue prevalent on our side of the world not to surface. 

I gave him symptomatic treatment at once. The next day he again had fever so I decided to have his labs checked which turned out not to be altogether fine. So my pediatrician friend started him on Intravenous fluids. 

Knowing all too well the detrimental complications of the virus I set forth to fight it off with the willful cooperation of my Roel. This afternoon lo and behold we succeded in raising his platelet count level. Here's how we did it:

Increased fluid intake

Water, flavored rehydration solution, juices, milk, soup- thankfully I got no problem letting Roel drink 'em all up!

Fruits and Veggies and protein galore

He gobbled them all wanting to be back on his feet and head off to school soon!

Lots of Rest and Sleep

Now this is where our trouble commences. We both slept late yesterday not being at home and adjusting to the hospital atmosphere. This evening I hope we get sweet dreams. The boy had a nightmare about plants and zombies he is fond of playing with on his gadget which I am allowing him to use for several minutes to patch up his boredom. He talked in his sleep asking me whether there's a gargantuar in the room and I was like what in the world is a gargagarga what???

So I got to see for myself a Mr. Gargantuar this morning and boy he looks good eh? Sigh, I'll have this boy breathe fresh air soon away from virtual toys. 

Prayer, lotsa prayer and love from family and friends. 

Can't do away with genuine caring to beat any sickness, definitely! Praying we'd be home by tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you for your well wishes and may you all be blessed with good health always.

Fervently praying for all the sick people and creatures in the world.

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  1. Hope he's hope soon!

  2. Hi sis! Haven't been online since my son got sick. His platelet count is still dropping and I am heeding the advice of friends and relatives to make him drink tawa tawa tea. It is difficult to find that wild plant here in the city, but I was lucky and found some on the street behind ours. Heck, I'd do anything to put his platelet count up. Thanks for the prayers, sis. Hope your little one gets back in the pink of health too.


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