Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Set The Trends, Don't Follow Them: Tips and Tricks

In the world today, if we aren’t different then we don’t get noticed. One way to show off our uniqueness and individuality is to wear clothing that we think represents that. The only problem is, many people prefer to take the easy route and follow trends, rather than set them themselves. If you want to lead the pack rather than follow it, here are some tips and tricks to help you:


If You Like It, Wear It

If you like something, wear it regardless of what other people think. When you’re younger, kids can be mean about your fashion sense, but it usually all boils down to jealousy. Wear the things you like with confidence, even if you don’t know anybody else who wears those kinds of things - that’s even better! It’ll give a sense of who you are. It’s ok to wear things that other people wear, but never wear anything just to be popular or make people like you. Why would you want to be like anyone else when you can be you?

Read Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines will usually give you plenty of quirky inspiration and ideas. You don’t need to copy outfits straight out of there, unless you feel very strongly about it. Simply use them to get ideas. They will usually give you great tips and ideas.

Find Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are a great place to find out the latest styles before anybody else. Again, don’t follow these styles unless you love them. Never wear something just because a fashion blogger did. Why not write your own fashion blog? This way, you’ll be inspired to wear quirky things to put online, and you may even inspire other people!

Put Your Own Spin on Things

If you do see something you like on somebody else, why not put your own spin on it? Wear it with something different, style it in a unique way - you get the idea. Try to think of creative ways you can make that item or garment look unique.

Use Accessories to Make a Statement

Accessories are one of the most important parts of an outfit. They can help to enhance what you’re wearing, and give it a totally different look. Delicate necklaces, statement necklaces, earrings big or small, and bangles all help to add to your look. You could wear costume jewelry from high street stores, or look online to see if you can find any unique, hand made pieces that nobody else has. It doesn’t matter where it’s from, all that matters is how you style it.

Be Confident

No matter what you wear, be confident. This will always make you look your very best. You could wear a bin bag providing you look confident in yourself!

Here are more fashion tips you may enjoy. Nobody likes a sheep, so make sure you’re a fierce lion. Express yourself through your clothing and you can’t go wrong! Do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment!

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