Friday, August 22, 2014

Your Kid Will Love Collecting These Items and Toys

Encouraging children to have hobbies and expand their interests is one of the great joys of parenting. It's amazing seeing your kids become interested in something new and start dedicating their time and energy to their new love. Starting a collection, whether it's of coins or playing cards, can be an excellent hobby for children. Children naturally love to collect things, even if the things they collect don't seem very exciting to their parents!

As well as being fun, they can also learn valuable life lessons from building and maintaining their collection. They need to save money to buy the next item in their collection and learn to look after their possessions. Your child can collect just about anything, and it certainly doesn't need to be anything hugely valuable. Here are some of the best things for children to start collecting, some of which they might even carry on into adulthood.


Children of all ages develop fascinations with rocks. From a young age, kids often pick up rocks they take an interest in and put them in their pockets. Sometimes they like the feel of them, the shape of them or just their general appearance. As they get older, this natural curiosity can turn into collecting rocks that are a bit more special. Encourage your children to look for rocks with special properties, such as agate or a fossil. They might like to display their finds in cases and label them, or they might be happy building a collecting on a spare surface in their room.


Little girls especially often take to collectable dolls. But there are action figures and toys that boys like collecting too. Collecting dolls could be anything from pretty porcelain dolls to more modern plastic ones. China dolls are meant to be looked at, rather than played with, so some doll collectors might prefer something a bit more robust. Unlike some other collections, a doll collection will cost money. But you can encourage your child to hunt for bargains at garage sales and thrift stores.


Since the 1800s children everywhere have enjoyed collecting stamps. Stamp collecting is another hobby that doesn't necessarily require you or your child to spend any money. They can collect the stamps from the letters you receive and even ask friends and relatives to send them mail from their travels.

Toy Cars

Toy cars are another item that your child can collect, to either play with or display in their boxes and display cases. Not all children will be happy to leave a car in a box on the understanding that it's more valuable that way. Most will want to play with them, and so they should. But if all they want to do is play with the cars, it's best not to allow them to buy anything too expensive. Most children will be quite happy building a collection of cheap but shiny cars.

Often a child's collection doesn't last too long before they move onto something else. You can encourage them to keep going. But their interests will change, and they won't enjoy collecting if it feels like an obligation.

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