Sunday, August 24, 2014

Walk The Talk: My Journey To An Ideal Body Weight

I have a confession to make. I want to be sexy! By sexy I mean a body with curves in the right places matched with my ideal body weight. I want to fit in a bikini before I hit forty! More than looking great I want to be at my healthiest soon! What sparked these fantasy in me again? Well, having seen totally fit women half my age sporting dresses and sports outfits that make both men and women stare and having attended a training that tackled healthy eating and regular exercise did!

And so, what shall I do to attain my Ideal Body Weight?


Estimate Ideal body weight in (kg)
Males: IBW = 50 kg + 2.3 kg for each inch over 5 feet.
Females: IBW = 45.5 kg + 2.3 kg for each inch over 5 feet.

I am 5 feet 4 inches tall so it has got to be= 54.7 kg

I now weight tsraaaaannnnnn = 65 kg so I have a lot of work to do! 10 kg please go away! 


I know dreaming will not make the unwanted fats go away. The thing is, our bed is my favorite place right at this very moment. So, I resolve to...

1. Resume my daily early morning walks to the beach.

and re-join my brother and sister-in-law who are still so into it. Ahhhh just reaching the seaside and staring at the deep blue sea and the sky rejuvenates the soul like no other physical activity!

2. Eat a well balanced diet.

It's high time to say ba-bye to my favorite junk foods and stick to healthy options in moderate amounts. Starving myself is of course not an option. Working on a 24-hour basis sets a challenge for me in adjusting the amount of calories to take so I think it will be best to bring with me healthy food to snack on while on breaks. I guess I also have to start preparing my veggie meals myself. An enjoyable feast with the family is still on my list only this time it's gonna be the HEALTHY choices only.

3. Stick to the regimen "no matter what".

I have already undergone two (2) failed attempts at losing weight. Halfway through last year I was faced with a stressful situation at work and I gave in to the temptation of eating to relieve tension. I stayed in bed most mornings instead of walking and working in the garden. It didn't do me any good of course. So I am giving myself another chance to do it all over again- the regular exercise regimen, healthy eating and having fun in between.

I know the hubby would simply chuckle at this plan of mine and say "let's wait and see" LOL....I dare say to him "watch me!"...

So who wants to join me?

It is never too late to change!

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  1. I hear yah, Sistah! That is also my predicament despite the fact that I am make all healthy choices from food to physical activities. I think one thing that really gets in the way of getting my ideal sexy body is - peri menopausal stage. hayzzzz

  2. You looks just fine to me! Exercise will only make you look even better!


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