Friday, August 1, 2014

Thoughtful Letter: 3 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life


We are all trying to change our life. Whether it is improving how we feel or making our family happy, we all wish things could be better. Striving to make your own life better is one of life's best journeys. The feeling you get when you have made a positive change is incredible, and the difference in lifestyle is amazing.

Rather than getting bored with life and wasting away in a world that never changes you need to take action. It doesn't have to be a new year to make resolutions. Right now you should resolve to do what makes you happy no matter what. This life is your life, and you have every right to live it in a way that makes you feel fulfilled and content. There are hundreds of ways you can transform your life. Look at different areas from health to work and decide how your life could be better. Nothing is out of your reach. Here are just three of the ways you could change your life.

1. Improve Your Health

One way you can transform your life is by improving your health. Many of us say that we're going to get fit, but few of us follow through on that promise. Improving your health doesn't just mean joining a gym. You can make all kinds of changes to your health. For example, if you suffer from poor eyesight and have spent years wearing glasses, you could fix your eyes. Laser eye surgery, at places like the WA Laser Eye Centre, is a great way to restore your eyesight to its once perfect vision.

Making small and easy changes like improving your eyesight will make a huge difference to your life. Once you have done this you will feel like a new person. You only get one body, so abusing it is a bad idea.

2. Find Your Spiritual Home

Home doesn't have to be just the place where you grew up. I know many people who have found new homes when travelling. Your spiritual home is the place where you feel most comfortable in the world. You cannot know where this place is until you go there. If you want to find a place that resonates with your persona, then you must travel. Taking a trip to a foreign land is a fantastic idea for people of any age. Travelling enlightens your mind and allows you to experience new things. By allowing yourself the freedom to explore the planet, you can also explore yourself. Find yourself in new places and discover what life means to you.

3. Take Control Of Your Money

Many people, myself included, ignore their finances. Spending money without a budget means you end up over-spending on things you want but don't need. You don't need many material things to be content. Instead, take the opportunity to start saving. To save money and take control of your finances, you're going to have to start looking at them. Open every bank statement and maybe get internet banking.

Once you have begun to save money you will feel so much more positive about life. There is no reason to over-spend, when you could be saving up money for something you need. All those tiny payments, for clothes and cinema tickets, add up to a lot of cash. If you can't afford it, you need to stop.

Make yourself a budget that is realistic. Many people fail to stick to budgets, which are completely unrealistic. Put the budget on your wall so that you see it everyday. Maybe make a note of it in your phone as well. Keep looking at your budget every day to remind yourself how you are going. These little steps will help you save a lot of money.

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  1. 3 very powerful things we can do to change our lives, and so agree with number 3, if you save first, then, you realize there's hardly no need to spend for something you don't need at all, sometimes, you may spend for what you want, but not so often unlike the materialistically driven spending. instead of dreaming of owning signature brands, you dream more meaningfully instead. :)


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