Tuesday, August 5, 2014

✿Feeling "Meeh"✿

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The photo was taken last Saturday when the hubby and I arrived from school. I was feeling "meeh" (the vain person in me) so I put on my new lipstick, a bit of blush on and grabbed my smartphone to capture my happy moment. Unsurprisingly my little boyfriend aka my younger son could not help but be a "photo bomb" to my glee as always. After all, no one makes me smile as sweetly as my two sons who make my LIFE meaningful. And yep LIFE is BEAUTIFUL through its ups and downs and challenges.

What is my formula to personal happiness? 

I always count my blessings. The ones which could be easily dismissed like the fact that I woke up today with all my senses intact, no pain, no dizziness no headache. My hands and feet are working so I could use them to be of help. My memory is working well and I know I have my family to hold on to no matter what and true friends always ready to listen to my woes and cares.
May you all be blessed with love and peace today and all the days of your lives. 


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  1. pretty you!!! i am so with you, the key to happiness is contentment and being thankful always for what we have, who we are, why things go the way they are, etc. love yah!

  2. picture perfect!!! they say grateful people finds happiness. there is always something to be grateful about. :)


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