Friday, August 1, 2014

✿Home & Family Letters: Dear Hubsky✿

Dear You,

That moment when I wanted to kiss your chubby cheeks but couldn’t because you were in uniform and we were along the road for all the world to see made me realize how long it’s been since we were just dreamers- dreamers that we would be together for life. As I write this you are busy fixing our room which I fail to keep neat all the time simply because there is an innate laziness in me that you have grown to accept through the years. 

Thank you for accepting all my flaws and for loving me unconditionally through thick and thin. Ours is definitely not a perfect marriage but we both know it is the best ever for us. I’m sorry for all the times I let you down and I have forgiven you for everything too. We have a long way to go- so many dreams left unfulfilled mostly for the kids. It’s tough staying together in a world where “goodbye” has become so easy to say for some. I pray our relationship be blessed each day with endless patience, kindness and generosity so that we could share more of ourselves to others in need. As we close our eyes and meet in our dreams tonight I wish for every soul out there still longing for that special someone to find their partner soon so they too could experience the beauty of LOVE written in the stars.

Sincerely yours,

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  1. Soo touching...i'm happy for the both of you...keep the fire burning...

  2. what a beautiful message for your hubs written from the heart Zen, may you two continue to be blessed together and grow stronger in love each day


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