Thursday, July 31, 2014

✿Inspirational Letters: 3 Lessons People I Met Today Taught Me✿

1. Gratefulness
The man was singing praises for the Lord along the road. He could not see and yet it seemed when he sang he was marveling at the beauty of Creation. His feet were deformed yet as he moved his fingers with gladness it looked as if he was walking on air. I dropped some coins on instinct at the can beside him though I wish I could help him permanently. On the “clinking” sound of the coin he uttered the words “thank YOU,” I felt his sincerity and in a blink of an eye I realized once again how BLESSED so many of us are yet fail to appreciate the countless GIFTS we have.

2. Sincerity
Just an ordinary day for the man at work. He hands tickets to passengers with such charm that makes you think he deserves a higher pay. I love people who have passion for whatever it is they are doing. A smile that reaches the eye in the midst of a busy day makes a lot of difference for the people we are serving. Our employers may not notice it but someone Above takes note and saves a ticket for us in heaven. So whatever it is you do for a living, do it with LOVE AND SINCERE CARING.

3. Prayerfulness
She looked up and mumbled. She then lay her fingers over a child’s head. She was invoking a power far beyond this world’s. I stared and a whisper of faith in me prayed with her- for all the sick people in the world, old and young that their sufferings may cease. In every breath we take, every step we make we must not fail to say “a little prayer” because there are numerous things in life we can not fathom on our own much less control yet there can be miracles when we believe and become BLESSINGS ourselves.

I hope you’ve met such people today too and that all of us become eventually what we expect of society. In that way, this world has a chance at a change for the better.

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