Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 Tips to Throw an Exciting Children's Party

If you want to throw an amazing children’s party for your little one, there are a few things you can do that will make it extra special for them. Of course, kids are usually happy with just about anything they get - so don’t worry if you can’t afford some of the ideas on here! You could literally herd them all into a room with some cake and a good music playlist and they’d be happy. Try the following tips if you want to go the extra mile:

5 Tips to Throw an Exciting Children's Party5978996749_2cee1e8cff_z.jpg

1. Hire Some Fun Entertainment

Entertainment at a kid’s party can vary widely. It all depends on the kind of budget you have. Here are some ideas for you:

  • You could hire a face painter, or even buy yourself some paints and practice doing it yourself to save some money.
  • Hire a clown (just be sure nobody has a clown phobia).
  • Hire a balloon artist so the kids have something fun to take home.
  • Hire a bouncy castle - this really tires them out and gets them ready for bed, too!
  • Hire sweet carts filled with pic ‘n’ mix to keep them happy.
  • Find a company that offers jukebox hire. They’ll have lots of fun choosing the songs they want on next.

2. Think of Some Games to Play

No kid’s party is complete without some games. You don’t want too many though, as they do enjoy doing their own thing at parties as well as playing games. One or two games should be just fine. Here are some ideas:

  • Thumbs up - where the kids all put their heads down and their thumbs up. A designated person then chooses a few more people to be ‘on’ with them. They all choose one person each and have to sneak up to them and push their thumb down. The kids then guess who picked them, and if they get it right, they’re now ‘on’. Watch out for peeking!
  • Musical Statues - play some music while the kids dance. When you stop the music, the kids need to stay still. If they don’t, they’re out!
  • Pass the parcel - a present wrapped in layers of wrapping paper is passed around a circle to some music. When the music stops, the person who is holding it gets to take off a layer of paper. The last child to do this and open the parcel gets to keep it!

3. Make the Food Look Fun

Kids eat with their eyes before their bellies, so make the food look fun. Have fruit dipped in chocolate, sandwiches cut into triangles, mini chocolate bars and sweets on sticks (sweet kebabs!).

4. Make it a Fancy Dress Party

Kids love dressing up as their favourite character, so make it a fancy dress party if you don’t mind extra excitable children.

5. Use Lots of Decorations

The kids will love walking into a room decorated with stunning balloons and banners. If you have a themed party, try to make the decoration as realistic as possible. Kids will love playing in a princess castle or pirate ship!

Use your imagination and have fun planning your kid’s party!

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