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15 Leather Accessories That Everybody Should Own

Leather is one of the most luxurious materials that money can buy, especially quality leather goods manufactured by professionals. You could easily spend a fortune on a great leather collection of accessories! But what kind of accessories should feature in your collection? Here are 15 leather accessories that everybody should own:


1.A Leather Handbag

Leather handbags are the highest quality bag out there, and you can tell the difference when compared with a high street faux leather brand. Not only will this sort of bag be extremely durable, it’ll also last you for years and years providing you look after it properly. You could have it into old age if you condition it regularly and store it properly!

2.A Leather Wallet

A leather wallet, like those from Shinola, will keep all of your cards and money safe while enhancing your overall look. You can tell the difference of a genuine leather wallet just by looking at it. Faux leather wallets last about a year at most before they begin to crack and become dishevelled. You may even find that you lose cards and money due to the low quality of your wallet!

3.A Leather Gilet

A leather gilet thrown on over a t-shirt in summer or a jumper in winter looks so chic and cool! The more you wear it, the better it’ll look too, as leather develops more character over time. You can be sure you’ll have a leather gilet for years.

4.A Leather Watch

Leather watches can look casual, but with the right outfit they can look pretty formal too. Although they may not be covered in jewels and crystals like some expensive watches, they can compliment pretty much any look and create an ‘understated chic’ vibe. Many people say you’re naked without a quality timepiece on your wrist, and I agree with them!

5.Leather Shoes

A quality pair of leather shoes look amazing with any outfit. Whether you’ve chosen a pair of genuine leather slip ons, brogues, or stilettos, you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. Make sure you keep them in amazing condition with leather polish and conditioner!

6.A Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelets add to the understated look further, but look cool when paired with various other pieces of casual looking jewellery. You can find reasonably priced leather look bracelets from high-street stores, but you can find real leather bracelets online in lots of different styles. You can even add charms to some of them to create your own design!

7.A Leather Cosmetics Case

Ladies spend a fortune on cosmetics; it’s a fact. What better way to protect them, than with a leather cosmetics case? You will be able to take your cosmetics with you wherever you go this way, and know that they are in a safe place.

8.A Leather Hand Luggage Bag

When travelling, women want to have a certain look about them. It isn’t about travelling in your scruffiest clothing anymore - ladies want to look casual, yet cool as they make their way to their destination. Just look at Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole - they always look sleek when travelling, but you just know that they’re comfortable too. A leather hand luggage bag can seriously enhance the look of just about any airport outfit.

9.A Leather Belt

A leather waist belt, or a regular leather belt for that matter can be the finishing touch that any outfit needs to get that ‘wow!’ factor. Your trusty leather belt will be with you for years, so you know you have an item to turn to if you ever need to add more shape to a t-shirt dress, or hold up your baggy boyfriend jeans.

10.Leather Gloves

People still wear leather gloves on the catwalks, so you know that they aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. I recommend wearing yours with a classic beige trench to make an impact!

11.A Leather iPad Cover

All Apple products are a work of techy art, so it’s essential that we look after them. Whether you have an iPad on contract or have bought one outright, you want it to last the test of time with minimal scratches and faults. You can do exactly this by purchasing a leather iPad cover!

12.A Leather iPhone Case

As mentioned before, you want to protect your expensive Apple products from damage. iPhones are probably the Apple product that’s most susceptible to damage, as we carry them with us at all times - you never know when somebody will knock it out of your hand! A leather iPhone case will keep your iPhone well protected until you need it, and may even stop it from slipping out of your hand.

13.A Leather Laptop Case

Another item that we pay huge prices for; the laptop. A leather laptop case will not only protect your laptop, but give it a suave look that you can feel confident carrying with you from A-B.

14. A Leather Business Card Holder

Are you a high-flying business person? Or perhaps you’re a person who likes to convey a certain image? Business cards are an essential offline marketing tool, and a great way to give relevant people your contact information to keep safe. Why not treat yourself to a leather business card holder to keep those cards free from creases and marks?

15.A Leather Notebook

Although we can make notes on our smartphones and computers nowadays, nothing will ever replace the art of writing and making notes manually. For this, a leather notebook is perfect! If you enjoy keeping your notebooks and looking back at them on a later date, then I’d definitely recommend this option to keep them in great condition. You may even still have them to show your future grandchildren!

There’s no denying that leather accessories add something special to an outfit/look. If you want to make a lasting impression, select some leather accessories to help you out! Thanks for reading.

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