Friday, July 11, 2014

"FriFOODate"- Loving Green!!!

Okay, so we are like any of those couples out there who semi-argue where to dine on Fridays- that much I admit. He, wanted to eat somewhere a bit more pricey than our usual Friday destination because he was craving for some Chinese cuisine. Me on the other hand just wanted some sweet treat. To coax me he said they serve my latest craving there too- Broccoli with garlic! So, to settle the matter I gave him my silly grin and said with no breathing in between- "YOU PAY THE BILL ALONE"! We bursts into a fit of laughter like we always do inside "Rosebeth" our family car where Andrea Bocelli's Somos Novios was playing non-stop. In five minutes we found ourselves indulging in our all-time fave goodies! Virtually join us please.

Broccoli with garlic
My Broccoli with garlic

cold cuts
His cold cuts

diced chicken with two kinds of mushroom
Our diced chicken with two kinds of mushroom

yang chow fried rice
His yang chow fried rice

melon shake
my Melon Shake!

My verdict? Well, the hubby surely does have great taste eh! So, next Friday he might just convince me to dine there again even if we have to share the bill LOL.

Being married makes life a delicious trip I say, why? What better appetizer is there than knowing someone loves you truly?

Hap Chan
Juanita Building
P. Burgos St., 
San Fernando City, La Union
Tel. No. (072) 607-2183

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  1. yummy!!!! and i have to repeat again, rummy! :) love the broccoli with garlic :)

  2. it is strange to me when you say the Chinese food is a bit more expensive than your normal fare - for us in the states, Chinese food is usually the cheapest (of course what does that say about the quality of our Chinese food?)


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