Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Create A Haven Of Calm In Your Own Home For A Better Life

I want my family to have the best start in life. The pressures of the outside world often cause unhappiness because the demands in life are great. Money is always a worry, and everyone has to work long hours in thankless jobs where they receive no satisfaction.


When we all come home in the evenings, our home becomes a haven of peace and calm where we leave the world behind until the next day.

I have made changes to my home to facilitate the calm atmosphere. I would like to share some of them with you today as a set of instructions for you to follow. Hopefully, you can create a peaceful space in your own homes where your family can relax and throw off the stresses of the day.

The best way to help your family find inner peace is to keep the home tidy. Japanese Zen masters will tell you that clutter is bad for the mind because it works to stop you reaching the best state of relaxation.

Decluttering the home is not an easy task the first time you do it because you will have gathered many things around you over the decades. You must have determination when you sort through and dispose of your things. Here is one way you can do it.

Focus your attention on one room at a time. Take every object in that room and put it into one of two piles on the floor. It is easy; there is one pile for things to keep and one pile for things that must go. The hard part comes in acknowledging that you no longer need some things. Because you are working in one room, the task will not take long.

When you know what things you are to keep, you must look at storage solutions for them. The living room and bedrooms are most important. They are the rooms that you use for relaxation so there should be nothing on show except for artwork and furniture.  Use one end of the bedroom for fitted wardrobes which will hold all of your clothes, shoes, and other belongings that have never had a place of their own. Everything is placed neatly behind closed doors.

You do not need much storage in the living room, just an attractive sideboard. There you can store your alcoholic drinks and favourite glasses.

Try to decorate the entire house to a theme. Make the carpets on each level flow from room to room seamlessly and paint the walls the same colour throughout. Some may find the scheme boring, but it is designed to reduce mental stimulation as you move from room to room. Use heavy drapes at the windows in conjunction with attractive window blinds to block out as much light as possible.

The next change must come in the behaviour of the family. Turn all technology off in the evenings and break contact with the outside world. Concentrate on the people around you the way we used to before the age of the smartphone.

I hope you have found inspiration here, the ideas work for me. You must keep identifying problems and dealing with them as they arise. Before long, your home will be a calm haven too.

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  1. now, for the reality - decluttering is great, but what does reality look like? I always strive to declutter, but do not achieve it often!


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