Wednesday, June 11, 2014

24/7 Thoughts: Baby You Can Drive My Car

 I'm still learning to drive. Yeah I know, it is a long overdue task. I'm slowly getting over my nervousness when it comes to getting on the road. With the hubby coaching me I am confident, or so I think. I wonder whether I could eventually do it alone and not hurt anyone.

Last Sunday I saw a car on display at the mall and was so tempted to apply for a loan. Whew, it was the perfect vehicle for me to have. All white and dainty am not sure though whether I could keep it sparkling clean haha. The hubby and I discussed what is the best  car to purchase as I summoned all my strength not to seal a deal just yet. If only I could have one straight from another country to perfectly suit my taste and get the services of for shipping cargo I might finally have the ultimate inspiration to  DRIVE.

For now, I dream on using the hubby's car for practice. After all he is still all smiles when he says "baby you can drive my car"! :)

2 yorum:

  1. I miss driving but no thanks for me, super nerbyosa ko baka makabangga ako hahaha! Go go go buy that car na! ;)

  2. baby you can drive my car, you look so cool there Zen, take me to drive one day :)


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