Friday, February 21, 2014

Where To Stay In Baguio 002: Eurotel Hotel

Hi there! This is the second of a series of Hotels in Baguio The Letters In November loves to share with those of you planning to visit Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival and Summer this year! In case you missed our post on Citylight Hotel, you can check it out here.

This time, I'll take you with me to our one night stay at....

Eurotel Hotel

Eurotel Hotel in Baguio is located along Albanao Ext. Brgy. Rizal Monumento several walks away from Burnham Park.



The lobby is quaint and elegant giving you the European feel.

Pardon the quality of the shots because it was already nighttime when we arrived at Eurotel and I was a bit shy to use the flash of my smartphone.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the hotel room still inspired me to smile.

Our King-sized bed, designed in the classic business with pleasure elegance. Hmmm what was my business there that night? -playing exclusive escort to the hubby LOL. It's always best for married couples to date once in a while. A good night's sleep makes a lot of difference!

~the room closet with a safety deposit box~

~the bath tub and shower area~

The next time we visit Baguio and stay at Eurotel Hotel we are planning to take the kids with us because there's a spare bed for the rest of the family members!

Am sure the kids will have a grand time playing make believe here while having those seemingly endless pillow fights!

Oh well, that was me pretending to support the tower LOL.

The hubby had to leave before we even could eat breakfast together, talk about him being "busy" so...I had the privilege of consuming a free breakfast for two, ALONE :)

my favorite "daing na Bangus (milkfish)"

the hubby's favorite, "beef tapa"

I was able to send him his meal virtually through technology hehehe...
I think though he was still full from our dinner which was at a restaurant near Eutrotel- Good Taste, which I am going to write about in another post. That's one thing we love about Eurotel Hotel too, the fact that it is at the heart of the city.

So, needless to say, we had a great stay although I must admit I would have wanted it to be longer...

During our visit the hotel had a promo which is described in the photo below...

I have no idea however if the promo is still available! I wish it were!

I also appreciate that the management is truly concerned about customer satisfaction providing an easy means for giving feedback with posters on their walls such as the one above.

Have a great day one and all!

Remember to keep the LOVE ALIVE through spending QUALITY COUPLE TIME.

 ~again, not a sponsored post but a happy customer's honest opinion~

For more info, contact Eurotel Hotel, Baguio at~

Albanao Ext. Brgy. Rizal Monumento, Baguio City Tel. no. : (074) 444-3876 / (02)8611086 Mobile No.: 0919-5916954 Email : or

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