Friday, February 21, 2014

8 Reasons You Should Dress Better for Your Girlfriend

Guys, is your girlfriend always going on at you because you could dress better? If so, you probably want to do the exact opposite. That’s how reverse psychology works! However, there are plenty of reasons you should dress better for your girlfriend, other than because she wants you to. Read these 8 reasons you should dress better for your girlfriend and you might just consider a re-style:

1. Other Women Will Be Jealous of Her

You probably like to show your girlfriend off when you’re out and about, right? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember, women like to do that too! The ladies love a well dressed piece of arm candy to show off to their friends and especially to women they don’t particularly like! Women will be jealous of your girlfriend, and other men will look like losers in comparison - a win win situation! Wearing warm barbour jackets and shirts for winter is a sure fire way you can impress your lady.

2. It’s a Sign You’ll Always Take Care of Yourself

Older men who have a habit of dressing like a scruff don’t exactly send out the right signals to women who want to be with a gorgeous man forever. By being a well dressed man, you show that you’re going to try to preserve yourself for as long as possible.

3. You’ll Raise Your Social Status

Ok, being popular isn’t everything, but it does count for something. Your social status could go through the roof with your new dress sense, and that can only be a good thing.

4. You Could be The Next Power Couple

Just think of Posh and Becks - they both dress impeccably to compliment each other every time they’re spotted out and about. Even their kids are - they’re a whole power family!

5. Your Photos Will Turn Out Better

You only get so many opportunities to look awesome in photos. One day you’ll lose your looks; do you want to look back on pictures of yourself wearing sandals and socks, or do you want to look back and think, ‘yeah, I was cool’?

6. She’ll Be More Motivated to Look After Herself

Men and women who look after themselves are more likely to stick together than those who let themselves go. If you don’t want your girlfriend to become complacent and wear baggy tracksuit bottoms 24/7, you need to make the effort too!

7. Her Friends and Family Will Be Impressed

Your girlfriend’s friends and families opinion matter to her, so make an effort and dress well for them. Your personality can only get you so far!

8. You Could Excel in Your Career

By dressing better, you could automatically excel in your career. This could be down to improved confidence and self-esteem, or maybe your boss will just notice you because you’ve made more of an effort. By excelling in your career, you can set up a life for you and your girlfriend, plus your potential future children.

As Tom Ford says, ‘dressing well is a sign of good manners’, and we couldn’t agree more!

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