Friday, February 28, 2014

What Would You Do To Help Change The World?

When I look around me I see so many people struggling to find what they call SUCCESS. They are doing whatever it takes to free themselves from the bondage of poverty or being ordinary.

 On the other hand I also see a number of people who are practically DOING NOTHING to improve their condition. They complain day in and day out about things not working out well yet as I see it, they have not achieved anything except talk about others and endlessly dream.

We all are given innate gifts the moment we are conceived. We were given the capacity to ATTAIN success. When we finally have reached the level of CHANGE needed to push ourselves out into the world, then we are ready to help MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

 ~Yes I can. YES WE CAN!

Instead of simply dreaming of your goal, you must start working on it and encouraging others to follow suit! Browsing has motivated me to work harder to improve myself and therefore be a catalyst for worldwide change.

Through Entrepreneurship we can attain freedom, security and success for ourselves and our families as defined and presented in a documentary film by Jimmy Newson which challenges us to imagine a world with an entrepreneur in every home. A Billion Entrepreneurs aims to spark in every individual who will watch it the value of taking responsibility and finding one's purpose to reach freedom, security and success in life.

 ENTREPRENEURSHIP is redefined as taking responsibility for outcomes. In the movie, real life characters/entrepreneurs bring this definition live onscreen through their struggles in their personal lives leaving an impact of inspiration to viewers.

FREEDOM, SECURITY AND SUCCESS, these three things are attainable if we want to help make a huge difference.

Everything starts with FINDING OUR PURPOSE in life, have you found yours? Check out to find out more and join the journey to success.

Because it is never too late to embrace ENTREPRENEURSHIP and help change the world!

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  1. Entrepreneurship is really something we really should embrace now. And I'm glad that many doors are opening now young entrepreneurs.

  2. I like the article, it gives hope to those who would like to start their own success, thanks for sharing.

  3. Entrepreneurship is something my father has long emphasized on us his children as it really offers the most potentials for success but it will require real work and determination.

  4. very true, if many can only take a look at entrepreneurship when employment is scarce, and it does not have to start big time either.

  5. In response to your question - what can I do to help change the world? I think I will continue to do what my husband and I have been doing. Sending deserving kids to school via sponsorship with World Vision. We believe that helping these kids get good education will change the world a little at a time. We're hoping that they will pay forward whatever we've extended to them, and make this world a better place to live in :-)

  6. I admire individuals whop have the courage to really explore their entrepreneurial abilities.

  7. People who are very successful in business starts from humble beginnings. I admire people like that. I also admire when they give back to community.

  8. I agree. We have to have a fallback and our salaried jobs cannot be the only sole source of income. We can start small, then we become big and we can help our community to thrive by creating jobs for people.

  9. I agree. We need to find our purpose in life first before we can proceed to doing what we can to achieve it. I wish I can say I'll succeed on being an entrepreneur but people around me tell me that I won't because my charitable heart is not what an entrepreneur should be. Lol.

  10. i know someone who constantly dreams but never do something to achieve it. *sigh*


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