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Letters, Chapter 38; Pages 49 & 50: Had Lunch In Ariana, Slept In Mikka



Hi friends!

Welcome to the 49th and 50th pages of my life, 38th chapter (the first of a series of letters about a life that might just bore you but I am sharing anyway).

Yesterday I ate lunch a tad early to get to a seminar. When I arrived at the venue, Hotel Ariana,
lunch was still being served and so I dined just to have a taste, and to do something while waiting for the training to commence.

Come join me!

(please pardon the quality of the shots because my smartphone was acting up a bit)

Hotel Ariana frontage

lobby, Hotel Ariana

Still full from having eaten at home I just got some soup and nibbled on the dessert.

The creamy goodness of the soup woke my senses and I loved the natural sweetness and a little bit sour combination of sliced fruits. 

With a glass of water....I was all set to listen to a lecture on infection control!

After the lecture we waited for our room accommodation to be announced and I wondered what will be for dinner.... about the foodie side of me...oh by the way, this was what we had for snack...

veggie wraps (lumpia)- their vinegar sauce was sweet yet sour enough to wake our senses...

We were informed after awhile that we will be housed in another hotel since Ariana was fully booked. off we were driven to Hotel Mikka at the heart of the city....
I could opt to go home since I lived nearby anyway LOL but you know, the blogger side of me wanted to  explore. Besides you probably know by now that our home is at the neck of the woods and I wouldn't want to be waking up early to get back for the second day of the training.

The room was fine, the amenities good enough. There's wifi, warm water and a comfortable bed and they got friendly, courteous staff! 

It's good for two persons but there were three of us so the hotel staff arranged our accommodation in such a way that one of us had to occupy a mattress on the floor. 

Being in the company of youngsters, I was given the best spot in the room- the side of the bed adjacent to the comfort room and beside the phone. I love being slightly aged! LOL.

I had a good night sleep. My roommates claim they didn't sleep well because of a certain sound the airconditioner made. I wonder whether it was actually my snoring that kept them up LOL. Chatting with my bed-mate on our way back to hotel Ariana I confirmed I really do snore loud enough to keep an army up all night LOL.

This morning I started writing this post while waiting for our shuttle bus to take us to the other hotel venue using my reliable smartphone powered by Globe Telecommunications. 

We had breakfast which I failed to capture because I seemed to have missed eating after only a few hours of fasting! Below however was our snack which I purposely didn't eat because of my weight loss project- hmmm sort of :)

pancit Lomi paired with Iced Tea
After the discussions we had lunch and oh boy, listening to action plans and accomplishing some checklists for our respective institutions was the perfect appetizer.

The soup was a delight. 

Buttered vegetables and Pork Cutlet
 ~nothing fancy but the veggie and pork flavors were preserved making it a complete health treat~

 For dessert we were served salad
buko-pandan salad
which was complemented by orange juice...
The juice was a bit sweet for my friend but having a sweet tooth, you bet I loved it!

meet my friends, Rosephine, Melanie and Joanna Marie
Well, you could say, we had fun!
Thanks DOH TB Team! Together we can STOP TB, DOTS the Way! :)

In case you are visiting La Union someday here are the room rates and contact info of Mikka Hotel-Restaurant and Hotel Ariana respectively:

Have a great page 50 of your lives one and all!


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