Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ladies: Turn Back the Clock and Reduce Wrinkles NOW!

When more mature ladies look in the mirror, they often wish they could simply grab a clock, wind back the hands and go back to a time when they weren’t so wrinkly. Either that, or find a magic potion that would make them eternally young and beautiful. Well ladies, we’re about to tell you what you probably don’t want to hear: there is no magic potion, and you can’t stop ageing. It’s one of the few things in life that we can rely on to happen! However, there are ways you can turn back the clock a good few years or so, and reduce your wrinkles while you’re at it. Read on to learn more:

Quit Smoking

Smoking is so bad for your health. So, so, so bad! If you don’t smoke, you can move on to the next step. But if you do smoke, we recommend you come to your senses right away! Smoking is bad for your lungs, throat, mouth, blood circulation - literally everything in your body is hindered from smoking. You could end up getting a horrible form of cancer - why would you take the risk? When you quit smoking you’ll look younger in many ways: your teeth should whiten, you’ll have more energy, less stress, and of course: your wrinkles will improve! Literally 20 minutes after you stop smoking your body starts to improve, and after 1 year your risk of a heart attack is half that of a smoker.

Hydrate Yourself

You might need a coffee to get you through the day, but drinking plain water is important too! If you drink diet drinks, fizzy drinks, or anything else that isn’t plain water on a regular basis, you won’t be doing your skin any favours. Drink 2-3 litres per day to look and feel younger!

Eat a Healthy Diet Full of Skin Loving Foods

You need to make yourself healthy on the inside before you can make yourself healthy on the outside, so get your diet sorted! This means plenty of water, green tea, lean meat, lots and lots of vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Try to cut out refined, process crap!

Give Yourself Regular Facials

Give yourself a regular facial by using products that suit your skin type, in this case mature, and take some time to massage the products in properly. Cleanse, tone, moisturise, and use extras like eye cream and anti wrinkle serum for the best effect. You can also use a face mask once a week to plump out your skin!

Botox - In Moderation

If you’ve already tried everything else listed, botox can be a last resort option for when you’re pulling your hair out. Remember though ladies, everything in moderation. Just look at the celebrities who go botox crazy and end up looking plain weird! You still want to be able to move your face, and you definitely don’t want that strange puffy look that so many seem to adopt.

You can turn the clock back on wrinkles ladies, it just takes a few healthy lifestyle changes to begin to see results!

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