Thursday, February 20, 2014

How A Guitar Changed My Life Forever

We were in mourning. My grandpa has left to join The Creator. He came. He was carrying a guitar and a chess board. His eyes spoke to me and I sat beside him. For hours I tried to beat him by conquering his King. He purposely let me win the last game then he used his singing voice to woo me. He began strumming his guitar and sang songs back then which today would most certainly sound so much better using an akai mpk 61 purchase at guitar center.The songs he played took me by surprise. I never thought such emotions even existed. So it was that when he looked me in the eye and started bringing his face close to mine I was hypnotized and didn't move a limb. I allowed his LIFE to mingle with mine. I never thought that one musical MOMENT would CHANGE everything.....years after I became HIS wife...and the melody played on....

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