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Kubong Sawali Restaurant

Before Valentine's Day we had a family V-date at one of those nipa-hut themed restaurants in our home sweet province. This was after we had a long walk shopping at San Fernando's Fiesta Trade Fair. Remember that? You can view that post here.

Now Care to join us virtually at...

Kubong Sawali Restaurant?

 The resto is bahay-kubo inspired. Inside, you could feel the breeze from the nearby sea because of its open windows and raised ceiling made of crisscrossed bamboo.

The lamp ornaments are likewise made of bamboo and furniture particularly wooden native chairs adorn the corners of the restaurant.

Places like this always warm my heart reminiscing the simple childhood days I spent with my grandparents.

 The resto has some sort of an annex on one side of the main hall where the dining sets resemble those of nipa huts' "bangko," simple wooden, low chairs and the architectural design allows air to freely enter. I think next time we visit I'd love to dine in this area.

Looks all comfy and cool for summer day lunches! 

On the contrary, for those who prefer an air-conditioned room, there's one for them to occupy on the right side just after the entrance.

Looking at the walls and exploring these rooms I saw these displayed...

The above framed magazine clippings features the humble beginnings of Kubong Sawali having been first established by its entrepreneurs in Baguio City as well as their house specialties which include "Pinaputok na Pusit" (Stuffed Squid), the hubby's inspiration for his Valentine recipe for me. In case you missed that post, you can view it here

What To Order At Kubong Sawali?

Let's check out their menu...

The kiddos were the bosses that day and we allowed them to choose first!

 One thing I cherish about our kiddos is that they appreciate natural food more than highly seasoned ones from fast food chains.

So....what were the boys' orders? The hubby suggested it would be best if we ordered one of the combo seafood platter to which everyone agreed.

 The halo-halong pagkain sa bilao (platter of mixed food) consisted of 

  • garlic Bangus (milkfish, fried topped with sauteed tomatoes, garlic and onions)
  • chicharon bulaklak 
  • Nilasing na Hipon (shrimp)
  • Fried Squid (supposedly vinegar marinated but since we were dining with the kids we had it fried)
  • Inihaw na Liempo (pork barbecue)
  • Enseladang talong (eggplant salad) with freshly cut tomatoes and onions
The sight of the oh so green banana leaf spread on the platter was enough appetizer for me!

I loved the garlic milkfish! It's quite a simple dish or so I think hehehe which I am planning to cook one of these days. When exactly?-depends on the movement of the moon hahaha.

Chicken always makes its way into our dining table. This one came with a sauce just right for the kids' taste buds.

Lechon Kawali
 ahhh ohh..not quite healthy for adults huh, our son Roel ordered for this one, he needs the protein and some fats for growing his muscles!

 With some juicy calamansi, red pepper and fish sauce the family had a blast!

Fruit shakes, Guyabano and Mangoe completed our meal...

a glass of cool water all made us say "Happy Valentine's Month" burp! hehehe


Everything disappeared in a flash and someone is planning to eat even the fish scales hahaha.

It was a happy pre-V day family lunch. After all, as long as we are together, everyday is Valentine's day. We didn't get to spend Heart's day itself together so we also had a post V-day dinner hahaha...keep posted for that.

Happy Hearts' Month Everyone!


~just another happy customer's honest opinion~ might wanna READ MORE of places to dine in La Union here....

as for Kubong Sawali Restaurant, you can find them at:

National Highway, Pagdalagan Sur, Bauang, La Union
Tel Nos. (072) 705-01-50

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  1. I am a sucker for restaurants made of native materials. I feel so at home in them! :)

  2. it must be a great place to take your family and have a feast of their delicious foods.

  3. love the set-up of the restaurant Zen, I love native looking restaurants. by the way, i craved all of a sudden when i saw those sea foods, but i don't have any here, so I just made bittermelon salad (in viengar) with lots of onions and tomatoes, then, I just imagine I have inihaw na bangus, yum yum!!!!!

  4. Naguton ako bigla upon seeing the fried daing with kamatis.

  5. ah! those foods looks yummy! i love houses like that and it is nice that you can choose with places with or without A/C

  6. I would love to visit your place Sis :-) The restaurant looks very clean and like the ambience too. Oh my! look at all those delicious foods that your family order. I love Filipino foods than American :-) Those guyabano juice missed to drink it too :-)

  7. From the resto itself, if I were inside, I know that I'm for something good and the food made me hungry even more! Whew!

  8. I love the native look of the restaurant and ofcourse the Foooody !

  9. I like to eat both dishes and I love to go new Orleans bar and grill.


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