Monday, February 24, 2014

KIDDO OOTD: Iane Ezra, Keep Calm and Smile

When you're a kid, it's great to make believe! Today I met a kiddo who made me wish I were a kid again. Meet little ma'am Iane Ezra the daughter of a friend Daphnie. She was hanging out with us in the office and doing what most of us adults wish we could do in real life at work.

... Looking oh so fabulous and dressed to party!
 See? We can actually be stressless at work.  Hehehehe.....
Dance and spin on the floor like crazy yet looking still so lovely!

Thank you for teaching me to Keep Calm and to always Smile Ezra!

On Ezra:
Tops- Hailiany
Leggings- Zap
Accessories- Barbie 
Shoes- Barbie

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