Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Healthy Relationships: Stuffed Squid, A Valentine Recipe

The hubby won't be around tomorrow. He is going to be stuck at work so to make it up to me, he whipped up a recipe for the family last Sunday. We went to market to buy fresh ingredients. 

squid tomatoes  


He washed the squid, removed the plastic-like lining inside then stuffed the squid with chopped tomatoes and onions and a strip of cheese. 
I did the chopping while protesting that I don't really eat squid. Well I used to but I no longer do. 
He begged me to eat the recipe later and I said okay!
(I'm a spoiled wifey and proud of it LOL)

He then wrapped each stuffed squid in banana leaves abundant around our house and then had them grilled the old fashioned way.

The whole family LOVED IT! 

Happy Heart's Day Everyone!!!!!

4 yorum:

  1. I'm not a squid fan but I do like octopus...go figure -grin-.

  2. oh am geeee! you have an awesome personal chef!!! pahinge!!!

  3. oh so sweet of hubbybi :) I love squid! pahingi!! :)

  4. happy valentine's day!


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