Monday, February 17, 2014

Cafe Esperanza- A Mellow Cafe for Mellow Thoughts...and Sweet Valentine Conversations...

Cafe Esperanza
~a  place in the heart of the city that I visiting
they got the tastiest native cakes and
sweets as well as pastries and 
 pasta and Chinese dishes
and of course coffee

I love eating while watching passersby along the busy city streets
It is a corner in the world where I could
go back in time and be the innocent girl
-I used to be
because it is on the right side of my highschool Alma Mater
and the St. William the Hermit Cathedral where 
I spent so many hours praying for a blessed future...

I usually drop by here when I'm without company
and I just love to talk to my dreamy self and
hmmm yep, dating myself too is one way I keep my sanity in this sometimes too toxic world called 

The cafe  has a homey feel
Something I love most
and the mere sight of bricks on the walls 
..bread and pastry on jars
!takes me to Neverland

Cafe Esperanza's Cream Pop is the best
!!!I also enjoy their home-cooked style spaghetti
I wonder what their secret ingredient is
Their native rice cake believe me
amazed me the first time I tasted it
..having been too stuffed with the serving of pasta I just took home the rice cake...
I put in in the fridge and remembered only to eat it the next day and whoa to
my surprise it was still soft and chewy
and marvelously just sweet enough to
make me scream with delight
and I am saying this not just because I am an Ilocana and a sucker for native cakes...

The place could get too crowded at times but for the love of their specialties everyone seems patient enough to wait for their turn to order and pay....

They offer catering services and I heard they have another Valentine dinner promo!

Too bad, I ain't got my partner tonight!

~The place is hard to miss when you're in San Fernando, L.U.
because the cafe is overlooking the city plaza.~

I just checked their facebook page here-
and had a peek into their Valentine's Dinner menu...

Menu for Dinner Buffet on Valentine's Day

Appetizers: Garlic Mixed Nuts, Nachos with Mexican Salsa, Cheese Sticks
Main Course: American Beef Stew, Southern Style Barbecue Ribs, Chicken Ala Kiev, Fillet of Fish Wrapped in Bacon, Mixed Vegetables with Pasta Penne, Java Rice, Steamed rice
Bread BasketCarrot SoupOpen Salad BarDessert Bar: Fresh Fruits in Lemon Syrup, Mango Jubilee, Cinamonettes, Macaroons, Assorted Cake Bites..

Buffet Starts at 7:00 PM
Price @ Php 399.00

For reservations, please call at telephone number 072-242-0659

Buffet Starts at 7:00 PM Price @ Php 399.00
~geeezzzz the Mango Jubilee and assorted cake bites is enough for me to crave here~
~since the hubby is not available tonight...who wants to raid the Cafe with me????!!!!~
~pay for your own buffet girls! hehehe~

see you there tonight SINGLES?

you just might finally meet, Mr. RIGHT!

~definitely not a sponsored post but just another happy customer's honest opinion


15 yorum:

  1. Looks Yummy! and the ambiance of the place looks relaxing- perfect while blogging :)

  2. $399 is a very good price for a buffet, sayang the place is too far from ours hihi

  3. the place looks very inviting, the dinugu-an from afar and the juice is so inviting me, hmmmmm, I shold have that later maybe, I will have a V-date with a friend, we'll feat at Filipino restaurant, haha! I'll have my v-date with ktl after work :)

  4. I have always preferred eating in a place that provides a homey and relaxed feel. It makes eating more fulfilling.

  5. Glad you have a romantic date with your special someone you deserve a lovely date. I personally love homestyle cook it feels like you just eating on your own kitchen however away to your home.

  6. the place looks very relaxing and so chill. my husband loves going to bars and clubs with an open space as we love watching people passing by and we want to feel more relax with open space this looks amazing

  7. The place looks cool and the ambiance in the place is also relaxing, that cream pop looks good.

  8. The place looks very cozy and interesting. I would love to try their Cream Pop and rice cake too. Kung napasigaw ka sa tuwa baka ako makalimutan ko ang pangalan ko sa sarap.

    I wish to share a cup of coffee and a plate full of sweets with you someday Sis. I hope we can do it at Cafe Esperanza for it is a not just place for lovers but also for everyone else too :)

  9. The sweets and dessert offering alone is enough to get me to fall in line and patiently wait.

    So, do I assume you had a date this V day at this resto? Hope you had a great one :-)

  10. Such a quaint and lovely place to have dine al fresco and maybe have a date there too? hahaha... Ano, peace na kayo? ;)

  11. It's been a while since hubby and I went to San Fernando, L.U. We'll try to visit this resto when we get the chance to go there. Are you from this city sis?

  12. I salivate over the creme pop, parang ang sarap hehehe. Looks like you guys have a wonderful V-date!

  13. The place really looks relaxing and homey! I would also love to try their native cakes. They seem to look delicious! Nyumnyum! :D

  14. I am curious why you didn't have your partner that night, Dokie? Hihi! Everything in the menu must be so gloriously divine! Yum!

  15. You made me crave for that dinuguan. :( I'm so missing mom's recipe.


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