Monday, February 17, 2014

5 Simple Ways We Could Stay Away from Fatty Temptation

 I'm A Health Buff, or am I?

 ~Being in  the medical profession is quite a challenge. I personally believe working in the healthcare industry we must ALWAYS keep ourselves HEALTHY by practicing what we preach. Achieving that ideal weight for our height requires a steadfast approach. We must not wait until we get the need for generic plavix to keep our blood flowing well before acting! After all, it's been said that "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".

The sad reality though is that people in the medical field are sometimes if not always are the most stubborn when it comes to proper eating. It's a battle between urges and self-discipline. I don't always pass the test! Sometimes cravings are just too hard to curb! Aaarrggghhhh

 So what are simple ways we could do to stay away from eating too much of what's bad for us?

1. Eating breakfast.
~it helps keep our energy level at its peak when we need to move around the most and prevents us from getting hungry and binging out in the middle of work...

2. Keeping ourselves well hydrated.
~drinking eight (8) to ten (10) glasses of water a day not only keeps our kidneys working well but also keeps our skin looking young and more...

3. Having two to three servings of fresh vegetables and fruits...
~instead of taking in vitamins and fiber in the form of tablets, why not consume adequate amount of Vitamins and fiber the natural way? not only do we treat ourselves to tasty natural flavors, we also save a lot on future medications!

4. Enough rest and sleep
~lack of sleep could lead us to compensate by eating more! so have time for relaxation and recreation, it's never a waste of time, even batteries need recharging! 

5. Being in the company of healthy living advocates
~it truly won't help to be hanging out with friends who "LIVE TO EAT" when your goal is to stay fit! I am not saying you ditch your friends with a whale of an appetite instead, lure them into the WONDERFUL WORLD of EATING WELL BALANCED MEALS AND HAVING A HEALTHY BODY!

....because life is shorter when we Eat like there is no tomorrow!

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  1. how much i know all of this and how hard it is to do...sigh, i am right there with you!


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